Ye Ye is hosting a super hero and super villains play. Kai-lan, Tolee and Lulu will play the super heroes. Rintoo will play the villain. And Hoho will play the villain's henchmen. The curtains open to reveal a background of the city. Stompy came backstage and wants to be Ye Ye's helper. The play begins with Rintoo and Hoho the villains. Villain Rintoo tells Villain Hoho that he will destroy the city with his (cardboard) Booming-Blaster 3000. Super hero Kai-lan, Tolee and Lulu jump into the scene. Meanwhile, backstage, Stompy accidentally pulls a switch that sends an anvil falling down and completely injuring Tolee. The crowd gasps. Stompy tells Ye Ye he's sorry. Ye Ye says it's okay. But he doesn't know who will replace Tolee. Stompy decides he should replace Tolee. The play starts again. Tolee was still injured. But he has a cast on his arm. Tolee helps Ye Ye backstage. Super hero Stompy uses his trumpeting power to defeat the villains. The play is over. The crowd cheers and claps for Stompy.

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