Wubbzy in..."Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle game" DS Game Trailer

Man voice: Rated T for Teen.

Widget: (voice as NARRATOR Trailer) Wubbzy is Back! He is in a Daizy's Home and Wubbzy's House of Tree is too. So you can enjoy you play DS game players to game plays...and be happy or sad.

Walden: [scream to fall down. He's in a DS screen play a game!!!]

Widget: (voice as NARRATOR TRAILER) "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle game" coming to January 2008.


  • Nick Games
  • Film Roman
  • Starz media
  • Activision Productions


Widget, Walden, Daizy, and Wubbzy.

T for Teen list:

  • Cartoon Violence
  • Mild Lyrics
  • Animated Blood

1 Game System

Also in Episode. Not a game.

Episode for from Attack By the 50 Foot Fleegle


The Code Monkeys

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