Born: Ticket Penny

       August 3, 1993

       Moa, Cuba

Died: November 26, 2013 (aged 20)

     Gao, Mali

Cause of Death: Stomach Cancer

Ticket Penny Archie (August 3, 1993 - November 26, 2013) is a Chow-Wu Girl with Janay and Sally.

Early Life

Archie was born at the Campo De Pelota in Moa, Cuba on August 3, 1993.


Archie appears in Time 4 Learning such as Hot off the Pass, Story Time With Ruff, Along For the Ride, Places Everyone, Pattern Play, Power to the Half Hour, Passing the Time, Tally-ho, Salesperson of the Month, The Great Prediction, Trip to the Triassic, Chillin' in the Cretaceous, Journey to the Jurrasic, The Basics, Let's Meet Needs, Meeting Needs, Monumental Madness, Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents, It's a Fiesta, Love American Style, Where Do You Live?, Welcome to the Country and Through the Years.


Archie was died at approximately 6:01 a.m. PDT of Stomach Cancer at the Sahara Passion Hotel in Gao, Mali on November 26, 2013. Only one day before the third Chow-Wu Girl Sally, died of Moyamoya Disease. Only last day before the first Chow-Wu Girl Janay, died of Unicornaute Uterus.

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