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Wubbzy widget walden and daizy Are amazing game character heros and Saves the day.

Characters Presents

Major Characters Presents

Lists of Menu

  • Daizy is to press x button: Jump and Kick to kill flee goes to evil fleegle a giant and ungainly.
  • Walden is to press x button: kick.
  • Walden not want to speak. He at laugh, sigh, and moaned at sounds.
  • Widget is press a button: Jump.
  • Wibbzy is press y button: Catch!?.

Game systems

Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube.


Games rated


Transcript from Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle:

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Pet own chooser

[The game cutscenes start]

Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Everybody! Is today for... Pet store day. [Smoochies] Pets!

Daizy: Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: [looked around with daizy] It's Daizy! Come on.

[wubbzy walk it floor]

Daizy: Well...

Wubbzy: Shh-- It is a Pet pick Day!!!

Daizy: [gasp] Oh, Boy! Wubbzy as my Brother.

Wubbzy: S-- [Shh! Stops] Huh?

Daizy: So If you get pet that one as To pick at Fleegle or Horse or Fish or Cat or All Pets; So It's pick Fleegle called you tiny! Got it? Okay.

Wubbzy: Wow! I love it you too Daizy.

[pet choose that scene. Wubbzy sees a fleegle]

Wubbzy: How Cute! I have take That one. Please?

Pet store Owners: Okay. [Wubbzy takes a coins. Take care of Fleegle and his so Cute.]

Wubbzy: [giggles] I have so would called you "Tiny"! I love it.

Pet store owners: Here you can take as 109 for manual is for you!

Wubbzy Thanks. Er-- I mean... Thank you. But what is a called?

Pet store owners: It's called "The Fleegle"!

Wubbzy: Okay. Ready to go home? We're gonna have so Much Fun Together Forever without remember play.

[the game cutscenes ends Also to be contunied]

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