Trip to the Fireworks Party!

It's the 4th of July and the Bubble Guppies are excited to see the fireworks. Establishly, Louise gets her very own toy rocket ship from the firecracker box. They find a ball thats looks like a flare. They're celebrating shapes and learning that shapes are AWESOME!

Songs: "I Love Parties!","The Boom Boom Dance", "The Alphabet Song".

Shop: "darren 's Party Store

Customer: jayden

Lunch: kenley - A hamburger, amber - A cheeseburger, richie - A hamboomer

Storybook: "The Forest People and the Swamp Monster"

Characters: darren, jayden, and amber as Forest People, the bears, the monster, the frog, etc.

Field Trip: A Picnic

Important Characters: amber

  • Today's Favorite Part of the Episode: Amy H. Kilingston: maria: "Woah, watch out." (thud) kenley: "Spark Wings." amber: "Okay, darren, take these sparklers over to maria."

Robot Rampage!

The robot repairman(darren) and his robot Reggie run rapid robot repair in Mega City. Unfortunately,robots never break,making darren's job somewhat pointless. Suddenly,the robots belonging to jayden,maria,amber,and kenley malfunction,along with every other robot execpt Reggie. Professer Bug(richie) is making all the robots in the city malfunction so he can take over. It's up to darren,his repair skills,and the help of his friends to defeat Professer Bug and fix all the robots in Mega City.

Notes: This is a 1 hour special. Also,there is no storybook segment,shop or lunch joke. Also,this episode has a Mario VS DK reference because the robots have wind-up keys on their backs. This is also the first time richie has played as a villain and he sounds like a villain. Unlike other episodes,this episode has 4 songs instead of 2 or 3. All the characters have positions:

amber - Mega City's Mail Carrier

darren - Robot Repairman

jayden - Mega City's FIrefighter

maria - Mega City's Chef

kenley - Mega City's Policewoman

richie- Professer Bug

Rex Robot - Professer Bug's assistant

Robot Reggie - darren's robot

Robot Rocky - jayden's robot

Robot Rachel - kenley's robot

Robot Reba - amber's robot

Robot Reyna - maria's robot

Songs: "Robot on a Rampage","Professer Bug","I Get Whatever I Want","Give Me The Remote!"

Important Characters: amber,darren,richie,Rex Robot,Robot Reggie

A Fishy Band!

Guppies learn about all kinds of music

Songs: "A Song Just Right","The Conga Dance"

Shop: amber's Music Store

Customer: darren

Lunch: darren - A turkey sandwich, jayden - A ham and cheese sandwich, richie- Microphonie and Cheese

Storybook: "The Country People and the City Monster"

Characters: darren,jayden,and amber as the country people

Field Trip: A musical concert

Important Character: darren

A Very Wet Weather!

Guppies learn about weather.

Songs: "Rainbow Connection","The Rain Dance"

Shop: Godess Of Weather maria's Painting Store

Customer: kenley

Lunch: amber - A cheeseburger, jayden - A hamburger, richie - Thunderoni and cheese

Storybook: "Sunny,Windy,Rainy,and Coudly and the Sick Cloud"

Chracters: richie as Sunny,jayden as Windy,darren as Rainy,amber as Cloudy,and maria as the Sick Cloud

Field Trip: The weather report place

Important Character:darren

gil And The Robot!

Gil finds a robot toy and wants to keep it. The guppies learn about robots.

Songs: "I'm A Robot","The Robot Dance"

Shop   richie     : s Robot Repair Store

Customers: jayden and kenley

Lunch: kenley - Matzah Ball Soup, darren - A cheeseburger, richie - Pizza and a Batterine(tangerine)

Storybook: "The Space Cops And The Bad Bots"

Characters: kenley and jayden as space cops,richie and maria as the bad bots

Field Trip: A robot store

Important Character:darren

A New Friend Came To Visit!

Gil's friend,Ray,comes to school with them. The guppies spent time with Ray.

Note:There wasn't any discussing in this episode. Also,this this the first episode where the animators decide to add a new Bubble Guppy in the show and his name is Ray. He's Asian like Oona. Even though this isn't a 1 hour special,there's no shop segment. Also,the new Guppy makes the lunch joke and is also in a storybook segment.

Songs: "Friends!"

Shop: None

Customers: None

Lunch: richie - Macaroni and cheese, amber - A granola bar and an orange, jacob - Hammeroni and cheese

Storybook: "The Great Dolphin Race"

Chracters: jacob,darren,and richie as the dolphin racers

Field Trip: Party for jacob's arrival (inside the school)

Important Characters: jacob and darren

The Big Art Show!

The guppies learn about art.

Songs: "Paint A Picture","Colors,Colors,Colors!"

Shop: jacob's Art Store

Customer: jayden

Lunch: darren - A tomato salad,jacob - A potato salad,richie - A painted salad

Storybook: "Three Statues and a Wicked Wizard

Characters: richie,darren,and jayden as the statues

Field Trip: An art museum

Important Characters: amber,darren,and jacob

The Mystery Of Gil's Missing Robot!

Gil can't find his robot toy,so the guppies learn about mysteries and detective.

Songs: "I Wanna Be A Detective","Gotta Find It"

Shop: jayden's Detective Store

Customer: jacob

Lunch: jacob- A tuna fish casserole, maria - A pita wrap, richie - Glasseroni and cheese

Storybook: "The Super Detective and the Mystery Monster"

Characters: darren as the Super Detective and the other boys as the assistants

Field Trip: Outside (finding darren's robot)

Important Character: darren

Best Clowns Around!

Gil and Molly saw clowns performing in at a circus. The guppies learn about clowns and mimes. But when a clown trips and gets hurt,Gil and Molly perform with clowns and mimes

Songs: "I Wanna Be A Clown!","The Mime Dance"

Shop: maria's Clown Store

Customers: amber and jacob

Lunch: jacob - Chicken Strips, kenley- A pizza and a cookie, richie - Clowneroni and cheese

Storybook: "The Mime Brothers and the Angry Clowns"

Characters: darren and jacob as the Mime Bros,richie and jayden as the Angry Clowns

Field Trip: The circus

Important Characters: darren and amber

A Buzz And A Bounce!

The guppies learn about bugs.

Songs: "I Like Bugs","The Grasshopper Dance"

Shop: jacob's Bug Airlines

Customer: darren

Lunch: jayden - A turkey sandwich and a banana, jacob - A hamburger and a tangerine, richie - A cheese sandwich and a flyberry

Storybook: "The Grasshopper and the Ants"

Characters: jacob as the grasshopper and amber,maria,jayden as the ants

Field Trip: The bug zoo

Important Characters: amber and darren

Super Guppies Save The Day!

When darren is tangled on a vine,a group of teachers come and untangled him. But what happens when a group of teachers are hanging from a cliff? Will darren and his Super kids friends save them?

Songs: "Superheroes","Do You Wanna Be A Hero?"

Shop: richie's Costume Store

Customers:amber and maria

Lunch: maria - Pizza and a pear, darren - Pizza and an orange, richie - Pizza and a Flying Fruit

Storybook: "The Super Villains and the Superheroes"

Characters: amber and darren as the superheroes,jacob and kenley as the super villains

Field Trip: Cliff (saving the teachers)

Important Characters: amber,darren,and jacob

A Baby Bird Is Born!

amber and kenley saw a stray baby bird near a tree and it has nowhere to stay. The girls bring the bird to school and darren /s class learn that there's many kinds of birds.

Songs: "The Baby Bird","The Bird Rap"

Shop: jacob's Bird Store

Customers: richie and kenley

Lunch: kenley - A cheeseburger, jacob - A bolonga and cheese sandwich, richie - Squawkeroni and cheese

Storybook: "The Bluebirds and the Robin"

Characters: amber,jayden and kenley as the bluebirds

Field Trip: A bird zoo

Important Characters: amber and kenley

Happy Birthday To You!

Today is jacob's birthday and he's so excited to have the party planned outside. But when a gust of wind ruins everything, jacob gets very upset. Will the other kids try to make him feel better?

Note: This is the second time havinga darren I s class to cry over something. The first is maria. Also,this episode does not take place near preschool,only at the Big Bubble Building. Also,there's no story segment since the kids are still planning the party for jacob.

Songs: "Happy Birthday","The Birthday Dance","The Birthday Boy"

Shop: darren's Balloon Store

Customers:  kenley and maria

Lunch: richie- A ham and cheese sandwich, maria- Blueberry pie, jayden - Balloonberry Pie

Storybook: None

Characters: None

Field Trip: Big Bubble Building jacob's Birthday Party)

Important Character: jacob

darren     Misses His Friend!

On their way to school,jacob fell and broke his tail and has to go to the hospital. darren

began to mist him and worries about him.

Note: There's no discussing in this episode. Also,amber confronts a bawling darren.

Songs: "I'm So Lonely(sung my Gil)"

Shop: None

Customers: None

Lunch: maria - An apple and a pretzel, amber- A pear and a hog dog, kenley - A banana and a can of jumping beans

Storybook: "The Three Little Bees and the Big Bad Dragonfly"

Characters: richie,maria,and amber as the three little bees

Field Trip: The hospital

Important Characters:  darren and jacob

The Four Seasons!

darren, s class learn about the four seasons.

Songs: "Summer,Winter,Spring,and Autumn","The Seasons"

Shop: Godess Of Weather maria's Weather Stadium

Customer: amber

Lunch: jacob - Macaroni and cheese, darren - Spaghetti and meatballs, richie - Springaroni and Cheese

Storybook: "The Goddeses and the Cloud King"

Characters: jayden

,darren,and jacob  as the godesses

Field Trip: The Seasonal Building

Important Characters: amber and darren

Who's Gonna Play The Marionette?

maria saw a puppet play and wishes she could play one of the puppets. But when an actor who plays a marionette can't perform,maria gets the marionette and takes the stage.

Note: This episode is similar to Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf?

Songs: "A Great Puppet Theater","Do You Wanna Be A Puppet?"

Shop: maria's Puppet Store

Customer: kenley

Lunch: amber- Chocolate milk and cream pie, darren - Pizza and pineapple slices, N  richie- Eggs with puppets

Storybook: "The Marionette Cavemen and the Manmouths"

Characters: darren and jacob as the cavemen

Field Trip: The puppet theater

Impportant Character: maria

The Dark Spooky Castle!

Spooky noises are coming from a scary castle darren ,s class decide to go in and investigate.

Note: There was no discussing in this episode.

Songs: "What's In There?"

Shop: None

Customer: None

Lunch: richie - Spaghetti and meatballs, jayden - A turkey sandwich, darren- Spookyberry pie

Storybook: None

Characters: None

Field Trip: The spooky castle

Important Characters:  amber and darren

Giant darren!

Gil accidentally dances into a growing machine and people are mistaking him for a "gentle giant".  darren  doesn't want to be giant.

Note: At lunch,all darren, s class are eating lunch outside.

Songs: "Big"

Shop: None

Customer: None

Lunch: Everyone is there

Storybook: None

Characters: None

Field Trip: Outside

Important Character: darren

Big And Small!

darren, s class learn about opposites.

Songs: "Opposites,Opposites","The Opposite Dance"

Shop: maria's Spaghetti Saloon

Customer: jacob

Lunch: kenley - Tofu, darren - Salami, jacob - Macaroni and Iceballs

Storybook: "The Blue and Red Tree People"

Characters: jacob,maria,and amber

Field Trip: The opposite party

Important Character: jacob

The Mushy Banana!

jacob has a mushy banana. darren, s class then learn about changes.

Songs: "Things Can Change","The Reversal/Irreversal Dance"

Shop. .amber 's Fruit Store

Customer: jayden 

Lunch: jayden- Chicken strips, jacob- strawberry and blueberry salad, darren- Changeroni and Cheese

Storybook: "The Reversal Heroes and The Irreversal Villains"

Characters:  richie and Jacob  the Reversal Heros,darren and jayden as the Irreversal Villains

Field Trip: Outside

Important Characters: mrs.  jan

Droprain, Droprain, Droprain darren, s class learn about balls and droprain parties.

Songs: Choose the Right Ball, The Droprain Dance.

Shop: mrs. Becky' Droprain Shop.


Lunch: mrs. Kim; Apple Pie, kenley; Cookies, amber; Droprainroni and Cheese.

Storybook: The Wizard of Moss

Characters:  mrs. Kim(as Dorothy), darren (as the lion), mrs. sherry (as the Scarecrow), miss. Rebecca(as the Tin Woman)

Field Trip: Big Bubble Castle (the droprain party)

Important Characters: miss. Rebecca and Mrs. Kim

Season 2

An Outer Space Adventure!

darren, s class explore space but an angry alien plans to kidnap them and take over the universe. Will darren, s class stop the angry alien before it's too late?

Note:This is a 1 hour special.

Songs: "Outer Space","Angry Alien"

Important Characters: amber,darren,  the angry alien

The Heart Of The Jungle!

Professer amber finds a lost,lonely worm named Joe and requires assistance to find out what he needs. So she goes to a group of jungle people for some help.

Note: The Jungle People all have unique clothing. The boys have a zebra skin clothing while the two girls have a tiger skin clothing.

Songs: "Where in the World","Into the Thick of It","It's Drizzling,It's Pouring"

Important Character: amber

Secret Mission!

darren, s class are secret agents who must get past traps and obstacles in order to return a strange bone to its mystery owner located in the Treasure Museum.

Note: The guppies' tails are all black.

Songs: "Secret Agents","Sneaking and Hiding","The Treasures Of Ancient Egypt","Laser Limbo"

Important Characters: All  darren, s class

The Key To The Nile!

Princess Cleo amber and her royal servants darren,jayden,richie, maria and jacob seek three presents for the Sphinx in order to learn the secret to restoring the Nile river's flow.

Note:This is the first episode to clearly teach a lesson.

Songs: "I Love Being A Princess","Three Presents For The Sphinx","I Want My River Back","Please And thank You"

Important Character:amber

Knights Are Brave And Strong!

amber the Blue Tail is sent by Queen kenley to take a message to the Castle of King richie,who shall make her a knight if she succeeds.Along the way,she meets the guppy of the mist(darren) and The Guardians of the Gate (jayden, jacob,maria) who join her quest in hopes of becoming knights too.

Songs: "Queens Are Never Wrong","A Message,A Message","P.U.","Ballad Of the Brave Blue Tail Knight"

Important Character: amber

Mission To Mars!

Astronauts darren,jayden,richie,jacob,and amber are sent up to Mars by ground controllers kenley and maria to investigate a strange sound. Will they find out what was making the noise and even find life on Mars?

Note: xavier I appears in this episode.

Songs: "We're Going To Mars","Ready For Anything","Astronauts Never Give Up","Almost Everything is Boinga"

Important Characters. . All darren, s class


Someone has stolen Lady maria's jewels,so it's time to investigate. Police officers  jayden jacob and Detective darren try to solve a mystery,but the jewel napper is very sneaky.

Note:Whenever darren

says "Mysterious,very mysterious", an off-tune guitar is heard in the backround.

Songs: "Aha!","Mysterious,Very Mysterious","The Fleeting Phantom Figure In The Garden","Whodunit?"

Important Character: darren

Scared Of You!

Mad Scientist amber sends her assistant,darren,to give invitations to the Mummy Bros(jayden and Jacob),The Forest Aliens(kenley and richie),and the Ghost maria) for her "best creation ever",which is actually a birthday party for darren!

Note:This is the second Halloween episode. This is also the second episode to feature a main character's birthday.

Songs: "I Gotta Secret","Scared Of You","Hurry Home","Monster Dance Party"

Important Character: darren

The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters!

Luau Brothers jayden,darren,richie,and jacob want to have a luau,but the Volcano Sisters will ruin it with an eruption if they don't find the perfect gift for them! jacob,jayden,and darren go to get them the biggest,most prized things,but richie thinks that it is better to give a small present and a lot of care to the sisters instead.

Note:This is the first episode to have a combined panic attack by three characters. (darren,jayden,and Jacob)

Songs: "We Love A Luau","We'll Get You What You Want","Huka Pele","We're Glad"

Important Characters: darren,jayden,richie,and jacob

Horsing Around!

Jockey richie,Farmers darren and jacob,and Cowgirl maria enter a race from the horse racing stadium to the Mississippi River,but maria and  richie keep "horsing around" and showing off their skills instead of racing,so the always calm farmers might keep on going and win the race.

Note:This is the first episode in which there are two rivals competing against each other in a sporting event.

Songs:"The Horse-Rider's Cry","When I Win","I Betcha","Keep Going Along"

Important Characters: richie and maria

International Super Spy!

Agent Secret richie has to retrieve three secret containers before the evil Lady in Blue(amber) does. With the help of Miss k(kenley) and Undercover Contacts jayden and Jacob,Secret must travel the globe to obtain the containers before the Lady in Blue gets them,and unhatches her "recipe for disaster".

Note:Agent Secret is a parody of James Bond. This is a 1-hour episode. The Lady in Blue's name is a parody of "The Lady in Red". The scene where Agent Secret says to the Lady in Blue "Do you expect me to talk?".to which she replies "No,Mr. Secret. I expect you to laugh!",is a parody of a famous scene in Goldfinger where James Bond asks the exact same question to Auric Goldfinger,but his response is "No,Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!".

Songs: "International Super Spy","The Lady In Blue","Good And Bad Don't Mix","A Recipe For Disaster"

Important Character:richie

Cops And Robots!

Police officers amber,kenley,and jacob,the space police,try to stop the Bad-Bots(richie,darren,jayden maria from reprogramming all of the robots to be bad and not good. What they didn't know is that when a robot becomes bad,their wires would malfunction.

Note:In the book titled by the same name,richie,darren,jayden,and maria have red eyes and they have wind-up keys on their backs. In the episode,they do not.

Songs: "Can't Stop The Cops","Can't Stop The Bots","We Are Bad-Bots","Steer,Baby,Steer","I Feel Good"

Important Characters: richie,darren,jayden,and maria

Tale Of The Mighty Knights!

Knights amber,darren,maria,and jayden attempt to guard King richie's precious egg,but it rolls away. The knights may have to go through the Grabbing Goblin(jacob) and the Flighty Fairy(kenley) to get it back!

Note:This is a 1-hour special.

Songs: "We're Knights","A Challenge","The Grabbing Goblin's Song","Tweedily-Dee","Dragon Mountain","I'm Not An Egg Anymore"

Important Chracters: amber,darren,jayden,and maria

Match On Mount Olympus!

darren,maria,and richie forecast sunny weather that is perfect for playing basketball. They are just about to start playing when it begins to rain. They decide to climb Mount Olympus to ask amber ,Goddess of the Weather for sunshine. Along the way they befriend jayden and Jacob,Gods of Laughter and kenley,the Goddess of Naps. Then they end up challenging amber to a game of basketball. If they win,they get a sunny day. If she wins,it rains forever!

Note:jayden,jacob,and kenley twice as big as darren,maria,and richie. amber is twice as big as jayden,jacob,and kenley.

Songs: "It's A Sunny Day","The Gods Of Moutn Olympus","Basketball","I'm Busy"

Important Characters:darren,maria,and richie

The Masked Retriever!

kenley loves her job as a librarian in Viejo,California. But when Don jacob (the most important person in Viejo) doesn't return an overdue book,kenley becomes the Masked Retriever,savior of library books. Can the Masked Retriever get back the library book and find out why jacob doesn't want to give it back?

Note:The Masked Retriever is almost a parody of Mr.L from the Mario series. kenley wears the same outfit as Mr.L.

Songs: "The Masked Retriever","I Love The Library","Im Going To Get That Book Back","A Happy,Happy Ending"

Important Characters: kenley and jacob

Break Out!

Queen amber and King darren have been locked in a tower and plan to break out. But guards maria,kenley,richie, and jacob prevent them from escaping!

Note: amber's hair is yellow instead of pink and darren's hair is a light brown color instead of blue.

Songs: "Break Out!","You Can't Get Out Of Here","Dance For Your Life","The Chase Is On"

Important Characters: amber and darren

The Tale Of The Not-So-Nice Dragon!

kenley the Flighty Fairy and jacob the Grabbing Goblin are off to a tea party at King richie's castle,but they get there to find the castle under attack by a mean red dragon. richie and his knights amber,darren,maria,and jayden captured when they try to tame him,and now it's up to kenley and jacob  to rescue them from the red dragon's cave. Can they free the king and his knights,and maybe tame the red dragon as well?

Note: This is a 1-hour special.

Songs: "A Wondeful Day For Tea","We're Not Knights","We're Stuck In A Cave","Chocolate Muffins"

Journey To Master Guppy Castle!

jonny is  having a party and darren, s class help him decorate. However as the preparations begin, the gang tries out some of his things,causing a big mess.  have to find a way to fix their mess before the Master Guppy returns. darren, s class

Note: This is a 1-hour special.

Songs: "The Master Guppy"

Important Characters. .amber,darren,and jonny

It's Great To Be A Ghost!

In a haunted house,ghosts amber ,darren,maria,jayden,kenley,and richie   try to scare an unsuspecting stranger,jacob. But  is a little nervous,and didn't get to practice. When jacob agrees to play a game of Hide-and-Go-Boo with the ghosts so they can try to scare him,jayden hides upstairs and accidentally finds himself in a trap door. A white blanket in the small room jayden is now trapped in falls on him,and jayden plans the perfect scare.

Note: A spooky voice is heard in the end.

Songs: "It's Great To Be A Ghost!","What's So Scary About That?","Hide And Go Boo","When I'm Booing"

Important Character: jayden

Race Around The World!

jacob has never won a race before,but he is well prepared for the most difficult race ever, 'The Race Around the World'. He will compete against veteran racers darren,Goby,richie,maria,and kenley

for his first gold medal.

Songs: "Racing Day","Go,Go,Go!","Snow Is Cold But I Am Cool","Ray's Lament"

Important Character: jacob

Season 3

The Secret Of Snow!

amber wants to find out what the secret of snow is,so she goes to the Ice Lady(maria). But Ice Lady won't let her come into her factory and keeps sending her away.

Note: kenley is the Ice Lady's assistant,richie darren,and jayden are the jungle peoples jacob is the cowboy.

Songs: "I Love Snow","Fill It Up With Ice","Make The Ice","The Secret Of Snow"

Important Characters: amber and maria

Le Master Of Disguise!

Inspector richie of the Paris police is chasing down Le Master of Disguise(darren),who he can only identify with his nasty laugh. Can he find Le Master of Disguise from the passengers of the train,including the Conductor(amber), two cowboys(jacob and jayden),a clown(mara),and the circus balancer(kenley),before the train reaches Istanbul and Le Master of Disguise makes his escape?

Songs: "Le Master Of Disguise","Who Can It Be?","We're Cowboys","Could Le Master Of Disguise Do This?"

Important Characters:richie and darren

The Gross Is On!

richie is a smooth international swamp guy who likes his sour juice shaken and drives a red jet-ski. He his hired by Mr.j(jacob) to protect three swamp monsters from the evil Mrs.Stinkytail(amber) and her sidekick,Mr.Stinkytail(darren). kenley,jayden,and maria are the undercover agents who help richie throughout his guides.

Note: This is a 1-hour episode.

Songs: "International Swamp Guest","Don't Swamp It!","Good and Bad and Moldy","A Stink-up for Disaster"

Important Character: richie

The Trouble Of Goody The Good!

At the Big Ballace Ball,Goody the Good(amber),has been asked to get a holiday as to do her homework,but for being Goody,things don't often go exactly acording to plan. She also pretends to prove that Goody the Good can do it herself,but that only makes things worse. Can the managers darren,maria,kenley,richie,and jayden,help?

Songs: "I'm Goody the Good","Don't Worry","Disaster Darling","She Is Lying","I Am Sorry"

Important Character: amber

Evil As They Wanna Be!

Mr.Evil(jayden) strikes a plan to get the golden teapot which belongs to Pinkejou amber. Beef Griefers richie,darren, jacob,kenley,and maria try and crack up Mr.Evil's nasty plans to get back the golden teapot.

Songs: "You Will Obey To Mr.Evil!","We Loved That Golden Teapot","Into the Thick of It","Stop the Evil,Shut it Down!"

Important Characters:amber,darren,and jayden

Viking Voyage!

Vikings amber,darren,maria, jayden,kenley,and richie set sail to find a new land. Together,they must overcome three obstacles on their voyage - and outwit the seagull jacob - before they can reach an undiscovered land and make their Viking marks.

Songs: "If you Wanna Be A Viking","Extra, Extra Tough","Hold Tight","Rockabilly Lullaby"

Important Characters: amber and jacob

Ranch Hands From Outer Space!

Overworked rancher amber wants to hire some ranch hands to help her out. Space zombies darren,kenley,jacob,maria, richie,and jayden have landed their ship just outside her ranch. Their ship is out of zum-zum (pancakes they use as fuel) and they go to amber's ranch to search for some. amber thinks they're the ranch hands she's looking for and she hires them to help around the ranch for a big plate of pancakes,which is just what the two are searching for.

Songs: "I Gotta Get to Work","We'll Work for Pancakes","Zoid-Zoid!","Oh My!"

Important Character: amber

The Flipper!

darren, s class are meteor watchers who keep an eye on the sky for meteors that might endanger the Earth. After learning a meteor is headed straight for Earth,richie,inventor of the Amazing Rocket Racket,his untested anti-meteor device,gets coated with a vial of space goo and transforms into a giant green creature whenever he gets overexcited about the meteor. The only thing that calms him back to normal is his teddy bear. Can the darren, s class keep richie from flipping out long enough to save the planet?

Note: The Flipper's appearance is similar to that of The Hulk,a creature from the MARVEL comic books. richie occasonally turns into the flipper. While as the flipper he is light green,doubled in size,becomes hairy,and his eyes are red instead of green.

Songs: "Today Could Be The Day","Where Is Meteor?","Don't Flip Out","Meteor Watcher"

Important Characters: amber and richie

Mr.Acorn And The Acorns!

Mr.Acorn(richie ),a space tyrant,crashes on Earth and realizes that the crystal he has been looking for is on top of a huge mountain. He then enlists the help of a scout troup called the Acorns(amber,darren,jayden,jacob ,and kenley) to help him get to the mountain before his arch rival,Mrs.Acorn(maria) gets there first.

Note: Mr.Acorn is the size of a normal earthling,but he is said to be a space warlord and tyrant. Also richie and maria are dressed like Darth Vader.

Songs: "Acorns","The Crystal of Power","Hold My Hand","I'd Rather Be an Acorn"

Important Characters: richie and maria

The Action Elves Save Christmas!

Santa's sack has been stolen by the Abominable Sisters(kenley,amber,maria), so action elves Jumpy(darren), Googly(jayden), and Mr Jingles(richie) set out to get the sack back. They use their tiny hammers to do almost anything.

Note: Santa is never actually shown. You can only hear his voice. This is the second Christmas episode.

Important Characters: darren,jayden,and richie

Snow Day darren, s class  learn about winter.

Note: This is a winter episode.

Songs: "Winter","Make a Snowman"

Shop: jacob's Winter Clothes Store

Customer: darren

Lunch: darren - A turkey sandwich, maria - A cheese sandwich, richie- A sandwich and corn snow flakes

Storybook: "The Snow People and the Big Bad Winter Wolf"(similar to Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf)

Characters: darren,amber,and jacob as the snow people

Field Trip: Outside

Important Character: amber and darren

The Big Dipper Diner!

darren,jacob,jayden,  richie,the waiters and cook of the Big Dipper Diner are setting up for the day and are going to be serving officers kenley,amber,and maria. On their way to the diner, the space officers get a warning that an alien named Blaarg is in the area. Meanwhile,an alien named Hugs arrives at the diner who is the same species as Blaarg. Now darren,jayden,richie,and jacob have to help the officers catch Blaarg and keep themselves from accidentally arresting Hugs.

Note:Blaarg and Hugs look exactly like Boinga,except for the fact that they wear clothes.

Songs: "The Big Dipper Diner","Two Eggs Moony-Side Up","Something Suspicious Going On","Stop That Alien!"

Important Characters: darren,jayden,richie,and jacob

The Funnymen Boogeymen!

The Boo Crew(amber,kenley,jacob,and maria) are out to find their first scary creature.But they find the Boogeymen (darren,darren,and richie), who are comedians looking for an audience. So they try to convince the Boo Crew that they're darren/s  class and maybe even make them laugh,too.

Note:The Boo Crew is a parody of a ghost extermination crew called "Ghostbusters" from the Ghostbusters films.

Songs: "The Boo Crew","Find Us","Catch Those Boogeymen","Giant Tail"

Important Characters: amber,maria,kenley,and jacob

Goby's Bird!

jayden's new "hat" is a nest with an egg. When the egg hatches,jayden sets out to return the Baby Red Bird to its mother: Mommy Red Bird.

Songs: "Baby Bird"

Important Characters: amber,darren,jayden,richie,kenley,and jacob

Red Riding Hood kenley!

jacob gets a fever while camping. kenley plans to bring jacob some of her minestrone soup so he can feel better on his camping trip.

Songs; "Little Red Riding Hood"

Important Characters: kenley and jacob

darren/s class' Color Adventure!

The entire hi chiuld had lost its colors and has turned black and white! darren /s class have to collect items in the 6 colors of the rainbow to refill the town's colors back.

Songs: "A Color Just Right"

Important Characters: All darren /s class

The Great Clubhouse Hunt!

jonny(a 5 year old dark green tailed,pale skined,red haired kid) is upset that he isn't invited to the Easter Egg Hunt,but when he recites the wrong magic words (wrong magic words: Piska, Pooska, Pick-a-kids), the Clubhouse's sections float away in different directions.

Songs: "Find The Pieces"

Important Characters: jonny and amber

Guest: jonny

Reggie The Mega Robot!

Reggie the Mega Robot isn't working propertly. darren /s class try to firgure out what has happened to him so they go inside the giant robot. They tried tightening the screws and make the gears slippery. levi's squeaky ball is stuck in Reggie's rendpipe(windpipe in robot language). When they get it out, Reggie is working again.

Songs: "See That Robot Move"(has the same tune as "Hear That Engine Roar")

Important Characters: Reggie,amber,darren

Guest: Reggie The Mega Robot

The Great Art Robbery!

jayden,richie,jacob,and maria are security guards at an art museum in Paris who try to stop a couple of art theives, played by darren,amber,and kenley who are trying to steal a painting that looks like a mermaid version of Mona Lisa.

Songs: "The Art Musuem","Can't Stop The Art Thieves"

Important Characters: jayden,richie,jacob,and maria

The Legendary Ghosts!

amber,maria,and kenley,the legendary ghosts,are part of a palace on a farway kingdom. They have to stop four foolish torturers richie,darren,jayden,and jacob think that the ghosts are really tough ones,but what will the legendary ghosts do to stop the torturers?

Songs: "So Long!","What Is That?","Never Get That!","Save The Day!"

Important Characters: amber,maria,and kenley

Season 4

Pilot Job!

darren is a pilot who never gives up,a good fellow guy. Suddenly,the town is attacked by evil aliens(kenley,richie,and jacob). He tries to protect Pizza Seller maria, Policewoman amber, and Doctor jayden from the evil aliens.

Songs: "Gil The Pilot Is My Name!","The World Is In Danger!","Stop The Aliens","Catch The Aliens"

Important Character: darren

Space Cops VS Aliens!

richie,darren,jacob,and amber are space cops who are finding some evil creatures such as an alien(jayden). Then they get lots of reminders from two people who work for them(maria and kenley),about the alien. Space cops darren,jacob,amber, and richie try to stop the alien from destroying things.

Songs: "If You Met A Space Cop","Alien","Messages","Space Cops Vs Alien"

Important Characters: richie,darren,jacob,and amber

The Haunted House Race!

darren /s class compete in a haunted house race to whom can vacuum in the most ghosts wins,but it's a very spooky contest. At the end of this, darren is in 1st place for capturing 60 ghosts, jayden in second place with a total of 55 ghosts, richie in third with 48 ghosts, jacob in fourth with 42 ghosts, kenley in fifth with 37 ghosts, maria in sixth with 23 ghosts, and amber in seventh with 17 ghosts. But,why was amber not able to vacuum in 20 or more ghosts to catch the other kids during the contest? Was she slow or something?

Songs: "The Haunted House Race","Start!","Let's Go,Come On","Ghosts Are Hard To Find"

Important Character: amber

jacob's Friend Comes To School!

mrs. jan,jacob's love interest,comes to school. darren/s class welcome her and celebrated mrs.jan's arrival.

Song: "Welcome,New Kid"

Shop: None

Customer(s): None

Lunch: jacob - An egg salad sandwich, richie - Same as Ray, mrs. jan - Leaferoni and cheese

Storybook: "The Angry Clowns and the Friendly Acrobat"

Characters: richie,jacob,maria,and kenley as the angry clowns, amber as the friendly acrobat

Field Trip: None

The Royal Journey

The royal darren /s class try to stop an evil alien king.

Songs: "We'll Rescue Anybody,Anywhere","Time Traveling","We've Got A Mission","Monarchs To The Rescue"

Important Characters: All darren /s class

The Nutcracker

Prince darren saves anyone in Snowland who's in trouble. The Mouse King(richie) and the Mouse Queen(amber) and their mouse troops(jayden,kenley and maria) try to stop him. darren soon met Clara(mrs. becky),her sister Francine( mrs. jan) and their magician(jacob).

Songs: "Everyone's Happy In Snowland","The Living Holiday Lights","Watch Out For Booby Traps"

Important Characters: darren,richie,and amber

An Easter Carol!

jacob gets visited by a bunch of spirits try to teach him there's nothing wrong with Easter.

Songs: "Easter","I Don't Like It!"

Important Character: jacob

amber can Fly

amber wanted to fly.

Songs: I could Fly (just like Spongebob, sung by amber)

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