Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost
Friends: Gumball

Darwin Rachel Treehouse Girls

First Appearance: The Third
Voiced by: Jessica McDonald

Caroline 'Carrie' Loretta Von Ghost is a supporting character from the Cartoon Network television series, The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a depressed ghost who is in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High. Her first appearance was a cameo in The Third.


Carrie is a white, translucent ghost with a bow that seems to resemble a skull with wings (or possibly two sheets). Her arms rest in front of her body, and her emo bangs cover her left eye. She also has a red and blue lining around her, making her seem 3-D.


Carrie, being an emo, enjoys being miserable. Unlike most emo kids, who usually only hang out with other emos, Carrie is a social floater who will talk to anyone; possibly because Elmore Junior High lacks other emos. She regularly interacts with the other girls and usually participates in Gumball and the rest of the class' antics.

In The Ghost, she states pain is the only emotion she can feel. Despite this, she has shown other emotions and has been seen smiling on occasion.

She is frequently seen in the library, suggesting that she may like to read.


[2]Happy, happy ghost![3]Sad, sad ghost...[4]"You don't know what it's like!"[5]Carrie's reflection in the dumpster water.[6]"Feel like helping me eat this sandwich?"[7]AAH! You were inside me?![8]That smell...[9]...makes me hungry...[10]Scary Carrie[11][12]Carrie Animated gif(click to view animation)[13]Carrie is not amused.Add a photo to this


The Third: She is seen talking to Rachel in the hall.

The Quest: She tosses Anais' doll around on the bus.

The Dress: She joins the other kids in worshipping Gumball.

The Pressure: She, along with the other treehouse girls, makes up boyfriends.

The Ghost: She uses Gumball's body to eat food throughout the episode.

The Mystery: She is seen in the library, reading a book on gothic clothing, next to Teri and Juke.

The GI: She joins the other children in laughing at Gumball.

The Kiss: She cheers Gumball on in the race along with some of the other kids.

The Party: She is considered by Gumball as a date to the Rachel's party.

The Robot: She joins the other girls in fawning over the "new" Gumball.

The Genius: She is seen reading a book about the secrets of chicken wings.


  • In The Ghost, while Carrie was going on a junk food spree in Gumball's body, she took the pickle out of the burger before eating it, implying that Carrie doesn't like pickles.
  • Based on what Carrie said at the beginning of The Ghost, Carrie may have been alive before, but died at a young age.
  • Gumball considers Carrie as a date to the party because she has "spirit".
  • She occasionally flips her hair, suggesting that she has actual hair.
  • Carrie's 3D anaglyph is a reference to old horror and Halloween movies.
  • It's unknown if Carrie is a Emo or Goth, since in the episode "Mystery"; she can be seen reading a book with the cover that say "Gothic".
  • Carrie is somewhat similar to Gaz from "Invader Zim", since both girls love to eat junk food.