Daizy with her beautiful big hair.
Gender Female
Age 5
Species Aqua puppy-like creature
First Appearance Who's That Girl?
Voiced by Tara Strong
Daizy with beautiful red reeves.

Daisy "Daizy" Allison Ginsberg is a main character from the television series, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. Daizy's catchphrase is "Lavender Lollipops!".


Daizy is a young puppy-like creature who is 5 years old and Wubbzy's neighbor. She has also appreaded in the the second season,and the only reason why she hasen't appreared in season is because, she moved into Wuzzleburg from her own hometown. She has long eyelashes, sparkling teeth, a nose, a tiny mouth, and can grow flowers and vegetable. She enjoys sewing, dress-up, playing with her dollies and decorating. She once befriended a uni-horn and named it Princess. When something odd or exciting happens, she will usually say "Lavender lollipops!", her usual catchphrase. She made her first appearance in the movie "The Wubb Paris", the show's second season premiere. Her amazing ability allows her to change different outfits or immediately wear accessories just by spinning like a ballerina really fast. She was chosen by Mayor Whoozle to grow a community garden, as she has an ability to grow plants. She has light purple haired pinned into pigtails with pink and yellow daisies. She sports a pink ballerina outfit and pink bow on top of her hair. She sings "Do the Wubbzy Wiggle" in "Meet the Wuzzles." in run for fun she is also a good sport , she even studied the map of the race, practicing her running and skipping and started lifting weights and she said to miss kwanzleberry it doesn't matter if wins or loses she is just gonna have fun.


  • "Lavender Lollipops!" ("Wubbzy and the Fire Engine" - present)
  • "Flowertastic!" ("The Nasty Nose")
  • "La, la, la, la!" ("Who's That Girl?" - present)
  • "Wow!" ("Bye, Bye, Birdies" "Welcome to the Dollhouse" "Daizy's Hair Salon" "Ty Ty the Tool Guy" - "What a Card!"
  • "Scrum-delicious!" ("All Bottled Up")
  • "Strawberry Shortcake" ("Who's That Girl?")
  • Were sorry Walden. Woozy Walden


Wubbzy is Daizy's best friend. At the end of the episode Cupid's Little Helper, it is revealed that she may like Wubbzy (she even kissed him twice in the series) including The Super Special Gift. She is also friends with Widget, Walden, Huggy, Buggy, Earl and other citizens of Wuzzleburg. 


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