Everyone takes his memory flashback of remember.


Young Characters

  • Young Chirp
  • Young Quack
  • Young Ed
  • Young Eddy
  • Young Edd
  • Young Peep
  • Young Wubbzy
  • Young Jonny
  • Young Daizy
  • Young Walden

Flashing characters

1. Eddy
2. Jonny
3. Peep and Ant Purple
4. Chirp
5. Nazz and Kevin
6. Rolf
7. Ed
8. Edd
9. Quack

All the Kids are working for flashbacks

  • Eddy: Stealing Jonny's jawbreaker
  • Jonny 2x4: Trading Places
  • Peep: Stick with me
  • Chirp: Messing around on Rolf's Tractor
  • Kevin: An obese Nazz
  • Rolf: The Old Country
  • Ed: The scam for "Eds Sweeeets"
  • Eddy: (again) Sarah trapped in a locker
  • Edd: Playground
  • Quack: Fence of a Creature
  • Nazz: At chirp's lab
  • Peep: (again) At a Snow
  • Ed: (again) As Toddles from flashback is backwards


  • Peep is happy
  • Chirp is Smile
  • Quack is Napping

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