Full Episode Summary Wubbzy wakes up and realized that it was so dark no one could see what they're doing.Widget couldn't find her tools in the dark. In Walden's house,Walden says,"My,my,my!I think there's trouble on the moon."Wubbzy looked through the telescope and saw a man sleeping on the moon. "There must be something we could do"Wubbzy said. "That's right"Walden said."If he doesn't wake up,the moon will still be out and the sun won't come out". Then,Wubbzy runs outside and yells the guy on the moon to wake up, but the gang had to get close.Wubbzy and his friends go to Widget's house and Widget showed them the rocket she build.Widget showed them around the inside.After the tour,they set off to outer space to wake up the guy on the moon.Everything was floating.Wubbzy's tail hit a lever,which makes the rocket fly away from the moon!The rocket passed Mars and Jupiter! "As long as we don't pass Saturn,we should be alright"Walden replied. The rocket passed Saturn. "We must've crossed into the dark zone"Walden said. Wubbzy looks and saw that there were houses on the planets and the thought it was pretty nice.Green creatures flew after the rocket and paid a toll.A bunch of stars were when a comet flies after the rocket an an asteroid flying in front.The asteroid and comet hit against each other,causing an explosion.A spiral galaxy sucked up the rocket.Later, the gang were on the moon and the guy woke up and drove the moon out and the sun came out.The end

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