The Laughter Song is a song from the second episode of the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and the first song of the series. It is sung by Pinkie Pie when she and her friends travel through the Everfree Forest in search of the Elements of Harmony.

When Pinkie's friends are frightened by a grove of trees that are enchanted by Nightmare Moon to give them scary faces, Pinkie sings the song to show them that fear can be defeated just by laughing at it–a lesson that would lead Twilight Sparkle to realize that Pinkie embodied the element of laughter.

Daniel Ingram composed the Laughter Song to Lauren Faust's lyrics as a demo for Hasbro Studios.[1] A video of the song is available on Hasbro's website. Music from this song is used in the Swarm of the Parasprites game on The Hub's website. The song is also included in the My Little Pony Live Show.

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