Gender Female
Age 6
Species Light blue little bear-like creature
First Appearance "Widget's Wild Ride
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
Huggy birthday dress

Huggy wearing a Birthday dress.

Huggyis a recurring / minor character from the series, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Huggy is an adorable little bear who is Walden's younger sister and also serves as one of Wubbzy's friends. (Wubbzy thinks shes very sweet and cute). She is a good dancer and singer. Huggy usually just goes along with what the others are doing. She often feels overwhelmed with popularity. Huggy is a loyal friend but can be a bit pushy from time to time. She hasn't met many other girls and doesn't have much time to express her inner self. Huggy is usually seen hanging out with Buggy and Earl.


Huggy is turquoise with a pinkish-purple dress. She has black eyes, eyelashes, a mouth, light-blue skin, long eyelashes and very sparkly teeth. Her feet are round and turquoise.


Huggy has appeared in many episodes of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. She often appears as a cameo and has never had a major part in an episode. Huggy made her first appearance in A Tale of Tails. She made her last appearance in Run For Fun

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