Kiara Quiz Janay (July 10, 1984 - November 25, 2013) is a Chow-Wu Girl in Language Arts series.

Born: July 10, 1984, at Waterloo, Lowa

Died: November 25, 2013 (29 years old), at Seaford, Delaware

Cause of death: Genital Wart

Early life, death and legacy.

Janay was born at Waterloo Forestry Department in Waterloo, Lowa on July 10, 1984, she is only in love with Jose, during like typing his Laptop during up. Janay died of Genital Wart at the Seaford Community Pool in Seaford, Delaware on November 25, 2013 at approximately 7:02 am PDT. Only two days before his 2 Chow-Wu Girls Archie and Sally where died.

Who's Janay?

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