Kai-lan is having an autumn festival in her backyard. But a contest starts and whoever can find the biggest pumpkin will win a prize! The gang looks for a giant pumpkin. Hoho found one,but Rintoo already got to it. The two were fighting over the biggest pumpkin in the backyard. The fight was so long,Rintoo and Hoho decides not to be friends anymore and Yeye had to separate them. Kai-lan has to do something.


Rintoo: "I found it first!"

Hoho: "No,I did!"

Yeye: "Rintoo! Hoho! Fighting is not right."

Tolee: "Don't fight,guys!"

Kai-lan: "Rintoo. Hoho. Fighting doesn't help solve problems and you should know better."


  • Kai-lan
  • Yeye
  • Rintoo
  • Tolee
  • Hoho
  • Peeking Mice
  • Lulu


  • Rintoo was put in time out for the first time in this episode.
  • This is the 2nd episode Hoho was put in time out
  • The giant pumpkin is the same size as Yeye.

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