Born June 30, 1967 In Perriy,Iran aged 50

Famous For The Discovery Of  Sou Tonkutes ,The Asisnation Of Kai Lan Chow,and The Discovery of Mansou

Early Life

In June 30,1967 Kanevo was born.Kanevo was the second youngest person to go to juvy for animal abuse. He was released by the Octonauts in 1979.He murdered nearly 2,945 men and boys and 3,008 women and girls.In 1980 he killed about 100,000 people in 1979 to 1990.In 1992 the judge told Assids to move to China.  Kanevo killed 250 people in 1993.1,900 people 1994. That he killed 789,000 unsolved murders in January 2000.Kanevo was guilty for all those murders and the judge told him to discover an animal.

Later Years

In February 2000 Kanevo Discovered The South Maman Island Cricket and The City of Mansou .He was going to kill Donald in New England. He was inactive of murdering people intil August 13,2008.Kanevo was furious at Kai Lan's good deeds she shot her at 4:09 PM at August 13,2008. He is having with Mario the ZTZ Hand in 1985.