This article is a list of associated production music used in the series and the episodes in which they are featured.

Accident 1

Ballet 1

Ballet 2

Buzzle Bug Chaze

Deep Sea Diving 1

Deep Sea Diving 2

Fairly 1

  • Tooth or Dare - Title card; Wubbzy tells Daizy about the Tooth Fairy; Wubbzy gets into Daizy's window.

Fairly 2

Fashioned Show Background 1

Girl Dance

It is known as the main theme of Daizy

Happy Idea#1


Play, Play, Play 1

It is known as the main theme of The Wubb Club from season 2.

Playtime 1

Rain Rain Go Away

Sad Love#1

Sad Love#2


The Wubbzy Wiggle

To the Rescue

Unknown Tracks 1

Unknown Tracks 2

Unknown Tracks 3

Unknown Tracks 4

Unknown Tracks 5

Unknown Tracks 6

Wubbzy's Accident

Giygas And Denny Tracks 1

GERMS - Unknown scenes

Giygas doesn't know Denny well - When Giygas/Denny is thinking.