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Here is some dead guys.

Howard Morris

Howard Morris was the voice of Remy in The Wubb Paris.

Born:September 4, 1919

Died:May 21, 2005(aged 85)

Sally and Archy the Cowgirl from Time 4 Learning's Math

Hannah Gross Sally (February 1, 1995 - November 27, 2013)                    Ticket Penny Archy (August 3, 1993 - November 26, 2013)

Ludwig Von Drake

Born:December 9, 1927

Died:June 27, 2019(aged 92)

Cause of death: Thrombus

Kai Lan==                                                                                                               ==Janay== ==Kanevo Goapi Assids== == Scrooge McDuck== == I.M. Meen== == Ophelia Chill== == Winnie the Pooh

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