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Season 1 (1999-2000)

0.Ni Hao,Kai-lan Pilot - Kai-lan and friends meet for the first time. TV-14

1.Dragonboat Festival - Rintoo is angry.TV-MA-L

2.Everybody's Hat Parade - Hoho copies Rintoo's hat.

3.Twirly Whirly Flyers - Tolee breaks the ants' bridge.

4.Safari Pals - Rintoo thinks he's ordinary.

5.Hoho's Big Flock - Hoho isn't listening to Yeye.

6.The Snowiest Rind - Tolee is scared.

7.Tolee's Rhyme Time - Tolee tries to do a rhyme.

8.Kai-lan's Campout - Tolee won't share Pandy.

9.Wait,Hoho,Wait! - Hoho is impatient.

10.The Ant Playground - Kai-lan and her friends build a wrong sized swing for the ants.

11.Happy Chinese New Year! - Rintoo doesn't want to be in the middle.

12.Ni-Hao,Halloween - Rintoo sprains his ankle.

13.Beach Day - Tolee is angry.

14.Roller Rintoo - Rintoo wants to be a great skater.

15.'Rain Or Shine''' - Kai-lan's friends are sad.

16.Kai-lan's Carnival - Rintoo and Hoho thinks Stompy is gonna be angry at them.

17.Lulu Day - Kai-lan and Lulu want to play with different things.

18.Sports Day - Rintoo is bragging.

19+20.Kai-lan's Great Trip To China - Kai-lan and her friends go to China.

21.The Ladybug Festival - Rintoo and Hoho aren't listening to Tolee.

22.The Dinosaur Balloon - Stompy won't help Kai-lan.

23.Playtime At Tolee's - Tolee doesn't forgive Rintoo.

24.The Moon Festival - Hoho is disappointed.

25.Kai-lan's Big Play - Hoho is angry.

26.Kai-lan's Big Surprise - Kai-lan wants to have a Thank You party for Yeye.

27.Rintoo's Big Flip - Rintoo tries to do a flip.

28.Stompy Rides Again - There are no empty seats.

29.Rintoo Makes A Splash - Rintoo plays rough.

30.The Ants Dance - Bubu is being bossy.

31.Tolee's Turn - Rintoo won't give Tolee a turn.

32.Kai-lan's Snowcoaster - Rintoo won't let Hoho help build a snow dragon.

33.Lulu's Cloud - Hoho is scared and uncomfortable.

34.Kai-lan's Playhouse - Hoho hits Rintoo!

35.Pandy's Puddle - Tolee misses Pandy so much!

36.Tolee's Promise - Tolee wants to see the scooter race.

37.The Place Where We All Live - Trash is everywhere.

38.The Hula Duck Dance Party - Tolee is left out.

39+40.Princess Kai-lan - The bears and foxes aren't talking to each other.

41+42.Journey to Monkey King Castle - Kai-lan and friends go to Monkey King's castle.

43.Kai-lan's Big Autumn Festival - Rintoo and Hoho aren't friends anymore!

44.Lulu's Playground - Tolee is scared and uncomfortable.

45.A Game Of Superheroes And Villains! - Rintoo wants to be the villain in the play.

46.Kai-lan's First Day Of School - Kai-lan and friends go to school.

47.The Big Art Show - Hoho doesn't want to show his painting in public.

48.Rintoo's First Go-Kart Race! - Rintoo thinks he can't win the race.

49.Happy Holidays,Kai-lan! - Tolee and Lulu aren't nice to each other.

50.Rintoo Tells A Whopper - Rintoo lies and gets in trouble.

51.Hoho's Big Birthday Party! - Rintoo ruins Hoho's party.

52.Happily Ever After! - Kai-lan puts on a play of the 3 Little Pigs.

53.The Circus Bunnies - Hoho wants to be a clown in a circus.

54.The Flower Day Parade! - Lulu hurts her arm.

55.The Panda Festival - Tolee realized that Pandy is lonely.

56.The Ant Band - Bubu's trumpet is broken!

57.New On The Planet - Kai-lan and her friends meet a shy alien.

58.The Spooky Tower - Kai-lan meets ghosts in an old tower.

59+60.A Trip To Outer Space - Kai-lan and friends discover space.

61.Detective Kai-lan - Kai-lan finds her friends' missing things.

62.Tolee's Panda Scooter - Tolee is obsessed with his new panda scooter.

63.A Pirate Adventure - Kai-lan and friends go to find treasure.

64.Mr.Fluffy's Magic Show - Mr.Fluffy didn't practice his tricks.

65.The Dance Party - Hoho hurt his tail.

66.Picture Day - Hoho can't stay still!

67.Doctor Hoho To The Rescue! - Hoho wants to be a doctor.

Season 2

41.The Legendary Tiger - Yeye makes Rintoo cry.

42.Kai-lan's Tea Party - Kai-lan invites her friends to a tea party.

43.Luck O' The Irish - Rintoo makes Tolee angry.

44.Snoozity Snooze - Rintoo has the snoozity snooze.

45.Brewster The Great! - Everyone thinks Brewster is great,but not the Kokos.

46.Happy Birthday,Hoho! - Hoho's plans were ruined by a foolish Rintoo.

47.The Cruel Prank - Eugene pranks Stompy.

48.Kokos' Lost Kimonos - The Kokos lost their kimonos.

49.Firework Day - Tolee missed the fireworks.

50. 'Ni Hao,Christmas' - Tolee didn't get what he want for Christmas.

51.Tolee Pulls 3 Cards - Eugene puts Tolee in big trouble.

52.Alien Presentation - Stompy wants to see the show.

53.Hoho's Broken Hand - Hoho breaks his hand.

54.In The Egg - The mother bird lost her egg.

55.The Poison Touch - Tolee has a poison touch.

56.School Day - Lulu is nervous about going to school for the first time.

57.Where Has Hoho Gone? - Hoho runs away from home.

58.Where's Pandy? - Tolee lost Pandy and can't find him.

59+60.Fairy Tales - Kai-lan and her friends are in Fairytale Village.

61.Where's Kai-lan? - Kai-lan has gone missing.

62.Hoho's Bad Day - Hoho has a bad day.

63.A Not-So-Good Day - Rintoo and Tolee are falling out.

64.The Wishing Well - Hoho and Rintoo fall out.

65.Perfecto Party - Rintoo tries to make a marshmallow lasanga.

66.Dance With Kai-lan - Hoho has a fever.

67.Ni Hao,Easter! - Kai-lan helps Lulu.

68.Lulu's Butterfly - Lulu wants to keep a butterfly.

69.Monster Madness - Rintoo stays up all night watching scary movies.

70.Hoho Tells A Whopper - Hoho rips Pandy and lies about it.

71.Everything's Coming Up Tolee - Tolee wishes every was like him.

72.Ni Hao,Valentine! - Kai-lan gives out Valentine cards.

73.Hoho In The Middle - Rintoo and Tolee aren't friends.

74.Drive Us to Mystery Island - A big mystery is going on in Kai-lan Land.

75.House Painters - Kai-lan wants her house repainted.

76.Kai-lan's Big Idea - Kai-lan wants to be big.

77.Welcome To Chocolate World - A witch turns everything into chocolate.

78.Tooth Or Dare - Rintoo loses a tooth.

79+80.Kai-lan Idol - Kai-lan and her friends join a group of robots.

81.Hoho The Hero '''- Everyone thinks Hoho is a hero.

82.New Kid On The Block - Tolee doesn't like the new kid.

83.The Ghost Of China - There's a ghost in China.

84.Quiet,Tolee! - Tolee plays a bugle that's too loud.

86.Kai-lan's Birthday Mystery - The goodies are gone.

87.Bye,Bye,Lulu - Kai-lan and Lulu will miss each other.

88.'Mr.Unlucky' - Rintoo thinks he's unlucky.

89.Rush Hour - Rintoo is in a rush.

90.Kai-lan's Rainy Day'' - It's raining really hard.

91.What A Card!'' - Rintoo wants the special Football card.

92.Hoho Gets Caught - Hoho is captured by someone.

93.'Late To School''' - Rintoo is in big trouble.

94.You Gotta Have Art - Rintoo can't paint anything.

95.No Valentines For You - Lulu gets no valentines.

96.St Patrick's Day - Rintoo is angry at Tolee.

97+98.Kai-lan's Big Adventure - Kai-lan and her friends go on an adventure.

99.The Magic Carpet - Hoho finds a magic carpet.

100.The Haunted Mansion - Rintoo goes into an abandoned house.

Season 2

1.The Pink Visitor

2.April Fools Day

3.Four Seasons

4.Where's The Water?

5.The Magic Spell

6.Lulu's Cousin


8.Too Loud Crew

9.When Yeye's Away...

10.Bend It Like Kai-lan

11.Love Is The Word

12.Super Grounded

13.Art Class

14.A Trip To Hula Duck Island

15.Bonkers For Baseball

16.Where's Hoho?

17.Meet My Bro

18.Opposite Day

19+20.Kai-lan's Big Movie

21.Hoho's Balloon

22.East Meets West

23.Hide And Go Seek

24.Tolee Goes Nuts

25.The Root Problem

26.Kai-lan's Candy Store

27.Hoho Remembers

28.Just A Baby

29.Rainbow In The Sky

30.The Meanest Thing To Say

31.Are We There Yet?

32.The Wrong Thing To Do

33.The Stage Trick

34.Copy Cat

35.Cakeland Is Cool!

36.What About Me?

37.The Big Swings

38.Hoho's Cousin

39+40.Kai-lan Holiday

41.Rintoo's Perfect Painting

42.We're Lost!


44.A Visit To Cake Town

45.Icing On The Cake

46.Snow Day

47.Special Delivery

48.Hoho In The Woods

49.A Clean Sweep

50.Magic Tricks


52.The Monkey Shuffle

53.Who's That Creature?

54.Hoho Plays Alone

55.Happily Ever After

56.Love Is All Around

57.Don't Give Up

58.So Much To Do

59+60.An Adventure In Rainbow Road


62.Flower Power

63.Break Out!

64.The Lovely Truth


66.Making Fun

67.Hoho Takes The Cake

68.The Big Sneeze

69.Hoho Plays An Instrument

70.Birthday Bat

71.MooMoo's Farm

72.A Friend To Forget

73.Where's Patchy Patch?


75.Happy Birthday,MooMoo!

76.The Secret Of Hoho The Monkey

77.The Powerful Mr.Sun

78.Stuck In The Mud

79+80.Robot Rampage

81.Super Good Friends

82.Tail Or Snake

83.The Nose Knows

84.Little Big Monkey

85.Friends Unite!

86.Kai-lan's Cookies

87.Princess Lulu

88.Rintoo In A Bad Mood

89.Music Class

90.Tolee's New Doll

91.The Art Museum

92.The Sniffles

93.Colors Everywhere

94.Happy Birthday,Tolee!

95.Hoho's Prize

96.Follow The Leader

97.The Super Fixers

98.Hoho's Big Move

99+100.The Blue Tarantula

Season 3

1.Call Of The Mild

2.The Nasty Apple

3.Super Kai-lan

4.Baseball Dreams

5.Too Many Tolees


7.Woozy Rintoo

8.Kai-lan's Cartoon

9.Lulu's Good Luck

10.Ballet Class

11.Kai-lan And The Old West

12.Stick Together

13.Let's Go Camping

14.Loco Legs

15.Cyber Madness

16.An Unexpected Visitor

17.Lulu The Lost Rhino

18.Hoho's Trouble With Bananas

19+20.Yeye's Anniversary

21.Friday The Thirteenth

22.Does Eugene Care?

23.Mystery Of The Halloween Murder

24.Mystery Of The 12 O'Clock Shooting

25.Last Day Of School

26.Rintoo's Broken Arm

27.The Silver Star

28.Happy Birthday,Lulu!

29.Hoho's First Eggplant

30.Prank Call

31.Kai-lan's Thanksgiving Party

32.Joey Grows!

33.Stompy's Mystery Mansion

34.Tolee's Worst Day Ever

35.Party Mix-Up

36.Lulu's Cloud Playground

37.Locked In School For Days

38.Rintoo's Camping Story

39+40.Hospital Horrors

41.An Unforgettable Birthday

42.The Blue Crystal

43.Tolee's Castle

44.Scary Moon Night!

45.Rintoo's Mansion

46.Magic Time!

47.Mansion Disaster!

48.A Rising Star

49.Hoho Gets It Wrong

50.The Autumn Accident

51.Hoho Runs Away

52.Snack Attack

53.Just A Lovely Friendly Way

54.The Return Of Aliens

55.Hoho Has A Crush

56.Stompy's Costume Party

57.A Spooky Tour

58.Danger In Hoho's Life


61.The Darkness

62.Story Time With Kai-lan

63.What's So Funny?

64.The Egg

65.Devil Rintoo

66.Wild Frog

67.Pizza Delivery

68.The Chaperone

69.Rintoo's Day Off

71.Ghost Host

72.The Donut Of Shame

73.Picture Day

74.The Spilnter

75.The Inside Story

76.Sun Bleached

78.I Love Dancing!

79+80.What Ever Happened To Tolee?

81.A Day Without Tears

82.Kirby VS Kracko

83.Kirby And Eugene

84.ChuChu The Super Robot

85.Hoho And The Flagpole

86.Me And My Siblings

87.No More Mr.Sun

88.Goodbye Mr.Sun

89.Eugene's Rocket

92.Big Strong MooMoo

93.The Great Race

94.It's The Best Day Ever

95.Night Light

96.Spy Buddies

97.Slumber Party

98.Summer Job

99+100.Graduation Day

Season 4

1.Happy New Year,Friends!

2.Happy Halloween!

3.WooHoo's New Friend

4.Don't Touch!

5.Where's MooMoo?

6.The Messy Guest

7.Bat And Ball

8.WooHoo's Balloon

9.Eugene And China

10.Sticky Situation

11.ChoCho The Superstar

12.The 24-Hour Bug

13.Pandy The Dirty Panda

14.Are You My Mummy?

15.Going Strawberry Picking

16.Kirby's Promise

17.The Spring Festival

19+20.The King Of Kai-lan Land

21.Baseball Berries

22.The Olympic Games

23.WooHoo's Playhouse

24.A Little Something Between Friends

25.The Leaning Tower Of Kai-lan Land

26.Clockwise Circuit

27.Into Outer Space

28.Arrow Guy

29.Tolee's Ideal Job

30.The Magic Wand

31.Kirby's Tower

32.A Speedy And Fast Kirby

33.Dedede's Castle

34.Lulu's Rhyme Time!

35.Mystery Of The Missing Memory

36.Stompy Plays Alone

37.ChoCho's Back!

38.The Poisonous Drink

39+40.The Queen Of Kai-lan Land

41.Focus Kicks

42.Tricky Triangles

43.To Inhale Or Not To Inhale

44.Funny Videos

45.Big Scary Slide

46.Regular Koala

47.Rintoo's Big Fight

48.Funky Valley

49.Super Friends

50.Meta Knight Arrives!

51.No One Cares About Kirby

52.Nobody Likes Tolee

53.Mix Machine Madness

54.Winners And Non Winners

55.Keep Out

56.The Prime Minister

57.Great Gravity

58.Stompy's Big Surprise

59+60.Stompy The Evil Elephant

61.A Tale Of Tails

62.Kirby In The Woods

63.A Little Help From Your Friends!

64.The Super Awesome Club

65.The Kirby Dance

66.The Blooey Blues

67."O" Christmas Tree

68.March Of The Mushrooms

69.Hoho Takes A Bath

70.The Tiger Who Cloud Fly

71.Have You Seen Pandy?

73.Blackened Monkey

74.The Two Faces Of Eugene

75.Growth Spout

76.Angry Tiger

77.Double Dare

78.The Great Rainstorm

79+80.The Ni-Hao Kai-lan Movie

81.Big Winner

82.The Strong Snowstorm

83.Kai-lan Land's Strongest Thunderstorm

84.Tolee's Pet Peeve

85.Sentimental Kirby

86.Where's Lulu?

87.Is That Kosher?

88.Theme Park Rampage

89.Echo Falls

90.Eugene's Dance Club

91.The New Teacher

92.The Legend Of Twigfoot

93.The Red Phenomenon

94.Stinky Eugene

95.Come Home,Kirby

96.Combat Eugene

97.Hoho Appreciation Day

98.Kirby VS Aliens

99+100.Fight To The Finish

Season 5

1.Kai-lan's Back!

2.The Green Visitor

3.Mega Staduim

4.Thimble Panda

6.The Heavy Lobster

7.Fuck You,Kai-lan

8.Necklace Turns Into Poop

9.The Deep Dark Forest

10.Left 4 Ni Hao

11.Sentimental Tolee

12.No 10s For Tolee

13.Sit on my Face

14.Yeye's ABCs

15.Tolee And Tiff

16.Wham Bam Jewel

17.Great Heavens To Bug Lord!

18.Kirby News Collection

19+20.Yo Kirby Kirby!

21.What's Wrong With Him?

22.Eugene The Best

23.Eugene The Strongest

24.Plankton And Kai-lan

25.Suplex And Ice Don't Mix!

26.Happy Birthday,DDD!

27.Super Awesome Escargoon

28.Eugene The Worst

29.Big Tolee Blues

30.Baby Dragon

31.Poor DDD

32.Hoho Builds A Tower

33.Hoho The Friendly

34.Super Awesome Rintoo!

35.Eugene The Destroyer!

36.Kai-lan And Clyde

37.Cops,Bots And Balls

38.Big Monkey Blues

39+40.Devil Dare

41.Polka Balls

42.Mario Comes To Kai-lan Land

43.A Blockbuster Battle

44.Kirby's Duel Role

45.Secret Of The Star Warrior

46.Goodbye,Little Snow Creature

47.Un-Reality TV

48.Dynablade's Egg

49.Hoho's Curious Discovery

50.Ghost Of Kai-lan Land

51.A Princess In Dis-Dress

52.What Would Tolee Do?

53.A Dental Dilemma

54.Kai-lan Of The Stars

55.The School Scam

56.Fitness Fiend

57.A Half-Baked Battle

58.Big Bad Hoho

59+60.MooMoo's Big Prediction


62.Plankton's A Destroyer!

64.Kirby The MuscleBuff Ball

65.Kai-lan 129

66.Something Smells

67.Dying For Donuts

68.Pretty Patties

69.Just One Bite

70.Sharks Go Chomp!

71.I Had An Accident

72.Pandy's Alive!

73.Funny Guy

74.Kirby The Energetic Super Tiger Ball

75.One Super Awesome Voyage

76.The Thing

77.To Love A Watermelon

78.Hoho No Pay

79+80.Rintoo's Revenge

81.A Flea In The House

82.No Nose Knows

83.Castle Fever


85.Moldy Hoho!

86.Kai-lan Says...

87.Yodel Le Hoho!

88.Big Kirby Blues

89.That's What Life Is

90.A Sad Story


92.King DDD's Wife

93.Flame Clap Bleed

94.Yo Mamma Says...

95.Strongly Disliked Escargoon

96.Bad Words

97.Fry Kirby Fears

98.Cell Face

99+100.Ni Hao,Anti Kai-lan

Season 6

1.Kirby Kart

2.Plankton's Contest

3.Big Pink Loser


5.The Cold Maze

6.Solar Eclipse

7.The Blue Needlefish

8.Hello Kitty Game

9.What Makes Me Happy?

10.Rintoo The Show Off

11.Going On A Boat Trip

12.Joey's Death

13.The Wizard Of Oz

14.The Evil Toad

15.Weegee's Mansion

16.The Fight For Kirby's Life

17.The Ghost Of Eugene

18.Eugene The Friendly

19+20.Death Of Brobee's Girlfriend

21.DDD's Problems

22.Ancient Language

23.Repo Eugene

24.A Juicy Situation


26.Snowman's Big Head

27.400 Power

28.Too Many Memories

29.Side Effects

30.Fast Food

31.The Cuckoo Test

32.The Hotdog Eating Contest

33.Poison Mushrooms

34.Chicken And Dumplings

35.Kai-lan Meets Yoshi

36.Chilly's Pizzaitis

37.Brain Drain

38.Tolee's Revenge

39+40.A Trip To Planet Harbolcon

41.Whistling In The Wind

42.A Lovely Perfect Afternoon

43.Eating Phallace Semen

44.Tolee's Uncommon Head Cold

45.Stone Solid Rintoo

46.Big Sister Kai-lan

47.Kai-lan Loses Her Voice

48.The Water Park

49.Kai-lan's Movie Projecter

50.Stompy Goes Invisible

51.Kai-lan's Bad Hair Day

52.Who's That Kirby?

53.Hoho's Hover Board

54.Prankster Group


56.The Best Go-Kart Race

57.Rintoo's Comic Book Collection

58.The Good,The Bad,The Kirby!

59+60.Fight To The Death

61.Meta Knight's Worst Day Ever

62.No Fear

63.Playtime At Kirby's

64.Kirby Strikers Charge

65.Keyhole Kraziness

66.Eugene Does It Again

67.Kirby Strikers Tank Engine!

68.The Two Kirbys

69.That's What Friends Are For

70.Kirby The Tank Ball

71.Kirby's Epic Yarn

72.Metal Madness

73.Lovely Love

74.Glass Kirby

75.Volcano Madness

76.Taco Shell

77.Kirby's Anger

78.Kai-lan The Destroyer!

79+80.Hoho's Flying Adventures

81.Brobee And Henry

82.It's Good To Be Kirby!

83.Showers Of Flowers

84.Kai-lan's Sunny Day

85.Tea For Four

86.A Present For Kirby

87.Kirby Rocks!

88.Kai-lan's Spelling Trouble

89.Sick As A Dog

90.Daisy The Copy Cat

91.What Is Tolee Afraid Of?

92.Brobee's Breathless

93.The Beamest Thing To Say

94.The Computer Virus

95.Dandy's Puddle

96.Super Power Madness

97.What's The Big Idea,Kai-lan?

98.Kirby's Big Surprise

99+100.Graduation Day 2

Season 7

1.That Fatty Whale

2.Kirby Smash Football

3.Battle Of The Dads

4.Friend Feud

5.Paper Kirby


7.The Egg-Cellent Party

8.Kirby Superstar Sluggers

9.Rintoo's Shy Friend

10.Lucky Banana

11.Kirby's Epic Crayon

12.You Don't Love Me Anymore

13.The Best New Year's Eve

14.Brobee Goes To The Hospital

15.Kirby's Adventure

16.Checker Champion

17.Slide Whistle Stooges

18.Rintoo's Rice Cakes

19+20.Kirby VS The Big One

|Special|Kirby And Green Needle:Superstar Saga

21.No Hat For WooHoo

22.Who Are Those Creatures?


24.Tolee All Alone

25.Oral Report

26.Saving Big Blue

27.Pie for Me

28.Happy Birthday,Henry!

29.Anything For A Puffball

30.WooHoo's Goodbye

31.Porno Videos

32.Ketchup Day

33.MooMoo's Good Deeds

34.Rintoo's Magic Box

35.Kirby Strikes Again

36.Waluigi Pinball

37.Sodor Kirby

38.Airship Fortress

39+40.Kai-lan Land Rescue

41.The Sad Story Of Decagon

42.Sweet And Sour Puss

43.The Blue Tornado Kirby

44.Inside MooMoo

45.Galacta Knight

46.Stompy Flies Again

47.What's The Matter With Escargoon?

48.Party Pooper Puffball

49.Scary Noises


51.I Gotta Feeling!

52.Keep Going,Hoho!

53.Lulu's Dance Class

54.Happy Birthday,Kirby!

55.Too Much Of A Chocolate Thing


57.Lulu's Tea Party

58.Lulu's Big Musical

59+60.Dark Cave Rescue

|Special|Kirby And Henry:Partners In Time

61.Creaky Chilly

62.Jingle Bells,Kali Smells

63.Cannon Penis

64.Flying Power

65.Kirby's Toy Workshop

66.The Thing About The Ring

67.Buccaneer Kirby

68.Pop Goes The Tiger!

69.Dinosaur Paradise!

70.Back To School

71.A Sunsational Surprise

72.Wow Wow Wubbzy Is Back!

73.Kali's Huge Fortress

74.The Crustacean Ebizou

75.Cooking Up Trouble

76.Blaze Strikes Back!

77.Monster Friends!

78.Clowny Clowny!

79+80.Armour Family

81.The Blue Skunk

82.Attack Mania


84.A Day With Amnesia

85.C.P.R Chaos!

86.The King Strikes Back!

87.The Special Mushroom

88.Cappy Birthday,Cappy!

89.Granola Bars!

90.The Funny Boogeymen!

91.The Snow Fort

92.It's Great To Be An Engine

93.Too Many Birthdays

94.One Kirby Too Many!

95.Before You Go

96.Monster Mystery

97.Jet Boy Flies A Coop

98.The Trouble With Bubbles

99+100.The Exclusive Adventure To Nightmare's Fortress

Season 8

1.Kai-lan Comes Back!

2.Keeba's Birthday Party

3.Kai-lan Gets Pranked

4.Hoho In Duckville

5.There's No Place Like Home

6.Escargoon Goes Nuts


8.In A Different Color

9.Team Umi Kirby

10.Baby Stories

11.Tails' Revenge

12.Everybody's Crying

13.Kai-lan's Big Party

14.Crazy Mansion


16.Channel Penis

17.Channel Panda

18.Penisheaded Dora


21.Shao Kahn Explodes

22.I Think I'm A Clone Now

23.Where's Henry?

24.Who's Ms.Question?

25.The Stew,The Proud

26.Wishful Thinking

27.Questionable Behavior

28.The Trouble With Robots

29.Christmas Kirby

30.Tolee Saves The Day

31.The The Monkey King!


33.The Angry Parrot Gang


35.The Printing Press

36.The Homerun King!

37+38+39+40.Skyscraper Tower

41.The Key To The Nile

42.Baby Minjee

43.Best Clowns In Town

44.The Sound Of Silence

45.Puppet Fiot

46.Mobot Knows Best

47.Captain Tangent

48.Welcome To Firetucky!

49.Raggedy Android!

50.I Was A Middle School Dropout

51.See No Evil

52.This Time With Nerves

53.Future Shock


55.Last Action Zero!

56.Kirby's Purple Egg

57.Kai-lan And Gary

58.To Love A Flower

59+60.Nightmare Strikes Again!

61.Attack Of The Giant Wigglers

62.Lulu The Weirdo

63.Ash VS Plankton

64.Jubileus's Wrath

65.Bouncing House

66.You Don't Know Koala

67.Escape From Eugene's Fortress

68.Flame Chamber

69.Buffaloman Is Here

70.Devil Hoho!

71.Fried Yeye!


73.High Hire

74.The Didoum Force

75.Thimble Dinosaur

76.Bubble Buddy!

77.Fuck You,Tolee!

78. A Day Without Koalas

89+80.Who's Going Down?

81.Super Awesome Spongebob

82.Eugene VS Yeye

83.Super Awesome Super Panda

84.Big Bad Rintoo

85.King Zekrom's Rage

86.Watch My Chops!

87.The Iceinator

88.Plankton Does It Again

89.Tolee's Big Frown

90.Big River Rescue

91.The Chaperone

92..Happy Mushrooms

93.Tornado Alley!


95.Edward's Bad Bug

96.Star World!

97+98+99+100.The Cosmic Crystals

Season 9

1.Blaze Strikes Again!

2.Cool Whip

3.Chief Chilly Challenge

4.Tolee Cries Too Much

5.Secret Puffball Club

6.Mush Rumors

7.The Kirby Shuffle

8.No Crybabies Allowed

9.Kai-lan Writes A Story

10.The Kai-lan Show

11.A Little Learning

12.Teacher Trouble

13.Chicken Pox

14.WeeHan Moves It

15.The Art Of Needles

16.The Art Of The Stink

17+18+19+20.The Cosmic Crystals 2:Mastar's Revenge

|Special|Mario Mystery Dungeon:Red Rescue Team

21.That's A Panda Show

22.The World Record

23.Plankton's Revenge

24.Farenheit And Celsius

25.Male And Female

26.Shao Kahn And Darksied's Fusion Dance

27.MooMoo The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball

28.Frozen Solid!

29.Rintoo's Terrible Misunderstanding

30.Hoho's Imposter

31.Mei Mei In Kindergarten

32.The End Of Eugene?

33.Kirby's Good Deeds

34.The Itsy Bitsy Kirby

35.The Outer Space Playground

36.Pushy Eugene

37+38+39+40.The Cosmic Crystals 3:The End Of The Star World

41.Happy Birthday,Mr.Fluffy!

42.Flipnote! 2

43.Fuck You,Rintoo

44.Left Out Kai-lan

45.Kai-lan's Hugest Surprise

46.The Frenzy From A Tiger

47.Tolee The Troublemaker

48.Caillou In Trouble

49.Trouble From A Gorilla

50.A Day Without Pandas

51.Rainbow Connection

52.Robbon Dance With Kai-lan

53.Tennis Everyone

54.Kai-lan's Halloween Party!

55.Kirby's Revenge

56.Baseball Bots

57.Kai-lan's String Class

58.The Grumpy Tiger

59+60.Demonic Chocolate Capsules

61.New On The Planet

62.Onaga's Fury

63.Pissed Off Tiger

64.Muno's Family Outrage

65.Sock Test Run

66.ABC Animals

67.Pet Sitting Boys

68.House Sitting

69.Downward Doghouse

70.Spyler The Blue Tiger

71.Love Will Find A Way

72.Kai-lan's Message

73.Lulu's Dollhouse

74.Starry Day

75.Freaky Friday

76.Kirby's Broken Memory

77.Mama Tiff And Baby Kirby

78.It's Time To Go Hyper!

79+80.The Shapes Of Heroism

81.Make Your Decision,Tiff!

82.Turkeypedio's Bicentennial

83.Acid Rain

84.Kirby's Pirate Adventure

85.Kirby's Cake Adventure

86.The Time When Everything's Ruined

87.The Brain Switcheroo

88.The Silent Visitor

89.The Forgotton Door

91.Seeing Scary

92.Up,Up,And Oh No!

93.Dinosaur Kai-lan

94.Balloon Gone!

95.Dragon Jr

96.Strange Dumplings

97.Mr.Sun's Mistakes

98.Divorcing Dummies

99+100.The Glorious Kai-lan Land Grand Prix

|Special|Kirby And Henry:Bowser's Inside Story

Season 10

1.Don't Joke Me!

2.Oh,The Goody!

3.Warp Speed Rintoo

4.Termite Town

5.Moon Wars

6.Glasses Gone

7.Tennis Gone Wrong

8.Just Sweets

9.Kai-lan And The Haunted Carnival

10.Where Have The Villains Gone?

11.Weegee Disease

12.Come Home,Little Kirby

13.Kai-lan's Super Concert


15.The Rainbow Phenomenon

16.Comet Fluppies

17.Rintoo's Silly Dance

18.Party At Parrot's Rock

19+20.The Frozen Face-Off!

|Special|Mario Mystery Dungeon:Explorers Of Darkness

21.Rintoo Gets A Dog

22.A Song That Gets In Everybody's Nerves

23.Rintoo Goes To The Dentist

24.The Kirbyardigans

25.Bent To Tears

26.Rintoo's Hiccups

27.A Song For Lulu


29.Thanksgiving Night

30.Can You Dig It?

31.Call An Ambulance

32.We Totally Rock!


34.The Legend Of Bluefoot

35.The Chinese Bird Is Coming!

36.Haunted House Party

37.X Marks The Spot!

38.Happy Holidays!

39+40.Bluefoot Returns

41.Tiger For A Change

42.The Guild

43.Yoshi Troubles

44.Where's Toad?

45.Kirby's Crazy Day

46.Pass Me By

47.Lemon Lurmies

48.Ships Acho-oy!

49.Hockey For Rintoo!

50.On The Ropes

51.The Spook Out!

52.Medieval Tales

53.When A Girl Returns

54.Falling Into A Broken Heart

55.One Crazy Monkey

56.Run Away!

57.Pokemon Abuse!

58.Scary Moon Night Spookiness

59.Eugene Goes Back To School

60+61.Quest For Vengeance

|Special|The Turkeypedio Game

62.Escape From Camp Cornia

63+64+65+66.The Cosmic Crystals 4:Zythurvia



69.The Haunted Castle

70.Eugene's Eating Contest

71.A Gas So Sickening!

72.The Problem With The Cold Season

73.Hoho's Longest Timeout

74.Tolee's Moment Without Pandy

75.The Affair

76.Juice Addict

77.Mansion Dangers

78.Brief Case

79+80.Planet War


82.To Share Or Not To Share

83.Feeling Rintoo Keen

84.The Noble King

85.Mr.Fluffy's Big Move

86.Tolee,Portrait Of A King

87.Hoho's Dilemma

88.The Most Eligible Emperor

89.Stompy's Food Craving

90.The Mysterious Green Tiger

91.The Bubblestand

92.The Nature Koala

93.Kirby Puffers

94.Imitation Jerk

95.Girlfriend's Smooch



98.The Strangler

99+100.An Adventure With The Monkey King

Season 11

1+2.Truth Or Prepare!

3.Pranks A Lot

4.Clash Of HooHoo

5.Accidents Will Happen

6. Mooncation

7.Pandy Is Alive...Again!

8.Horror Inside Me!

|Special|A Mario Movie

9.Unhappy Turnips

10.All That Hard Work For Nothing!

11.Mario And The Ghost Carnival

12.Christmas Special

13.Knight Of Friends

14.Smashing Daisys!

15.Mario Goes To Bubbletucky!

16.Slowing Brains And Growing Pains

17.Kai-lan Land's Heatwave!

18.Chinese Checkers!

19.Hang-Glider Tolee

20.Worst Thing In The Mansion!

21.Clumsy Fufu

|Special|The Wrath Of Pontetray!

22+23.International Super Spy!

24.The Lonley Bird

|Special|Mario And Friends 64

25+26.The Tale Of The Unfriendly Dragon

27.Oh,For The Love Of Socks!

28.Mario's Sick Friend

29.Rintoo's New House

30.The Ghost Of Kai-lan's Playhouse

31.The Land That Never Was

32.99% Idiot

33.The Nightmare Stone

34.Rich Glitch

35.Orbical Adventures

36.Desert Head

37.Wallets And Gumballs

38.The Hunt For Mario's Overalls

39.Crystal Carnival

40.The Crazy Fighters

41.Awkward Weddings

42.Zombie Attack!


44.Pilot Job

45.Space Cops VS Aliens

46.Mountain Climbing Contest

|Special|The Little Shop Of Horrors

47.Boom Boom Is Back

48.The Cowboy And Cowgirl Parade!

49.Firefighter Tolee To The Rescue!

50.The Wedding

51.Tree House

52.Junk Food Addiction

53.The Bubble Guppies Inn

54.The Bubble Guppies' First Day At Tower Of Terror

55.Vicious Monster

56.Final Goodbye

57.Out Of All Nights

58.Unintended Consequences

59.New Leaf

60.The Great White Trophy

61+62.The Mystery Of The Red Cape

63.The Worst Pain

64.The Bogus Journey

65.The Party Catastrophe

66.Bubble Troubles

|Special|Life Underwater

67.Mario's Farm

68.Mongolia Times

69.Kooky Cloud Castle

70.Halloween Special

71.Lunar Eclipse


73.The Secret Of The Lava Waterfall

|Special|New Super Kirby And Friends!



|Special|Mario And Luigi:Shadows Of Almia

76.I'm Not Smiling...

77.Bubble Puppy's Friend

78.Campout Of Doom

79.No Watermelons?

80.Scotty's Death

81.The Photobooth

82.The Lemonade Stand

83.Preschool Math Class

84.Where In The World Is Keeba?

85.The Huge Blue Monster

86.The Turkeypedio Talent Show

87.The Kirby Kids Visit An Aquarium

|Special|Mario And Luigi:Pokemon Stadium

88.No More Pizza?!

89.Horrible Sickness

90.We're Having Ribs For Dinner!


92.The Kirbylings Play Baseball

93.Death Strike

94.It's Bubble Guppies Time!

95.Potato Land

96.Rainy Day Madness

97.The Disappearance Of Mario

98.Luigi Goes Insane

99.Dedede Goes Insane

100.The Ultimate Test

Season 12

1.Zoo Wee Mama

2.Party Rock Prisoners

3+4.The Bermuda Triange

5.Mario's Poke Adventure


7.Silent Shudders

8.Kali's Diary

9.Oonit,Rintoo's Counterpart

10.Who Is That Girl?


12.The Magic Of The Color Blue

13.No Sign Of Lulu

14.Bill's Birthday Party

|Special|Mario And Luigi:Pokepark Party

15.Yoshi Meets The Bubble Guppies

16.The Halloween Horror

17.New Visitor At Preschool

18.I'm Not A Shy Baby!

19.Kirby's Grandma

20.The Bet


22+23. Rintoo's Awesome Adventure

24. Beach Day of Horror!

25. Oona Has A Crush On Nonny!

26.Dark Nonny! - Nonny becomes dark..

27.Picnic Disasters

Season 13

1.Too Many Pinkie Pies!

2.Smile Smile Smile!



5.Turning Into Stone!


7.Crazy Pony!

8.The Elements Of Harmony!

9.The Helements Of Armory!

10.Rainbow Dash Gets Lost

11.Pinkie Pie Wants A Pet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           12.      Nick Jr. R.I.P. 13.Nick Jr's back! - lol 14.Dashie's all tied up! - Rainbow Dash needs help! 15.Kai-Lan's computer disaster - Rintoo doesn't want Kai Lan to play Dam Builders, Beaver's favorite game. 16.Crybaby! - Rintoo has got to get his first teat

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