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1.Look,Don't Touch


1.March!--Hoho's First Flight=Se1,Ep5

2.Rhyming Rap--Tolee's Rhyme Time=Se1,Ep7

3.Hike!--The Ladybug Festival=Se1,Ep21

4.Moon--The Moon Festival=Se1,Ep24

5.A Big Heart For Yeye--Kai-lan's Big Surprise=Se1,Ep26

6.Chugga Chugga Choo Choo--Stompy Rides Again=Se1,Ep28

7.Ants Dance--The Ants Dance=Se1,Ep30

8.Going Sailing--Tolee's Turn=Se1,Ep31

9.The Place Where We All Live--The Place Where We All Live=Se1,Ep37

10.Make New Friends Today--Princess Kai-lan=Se1,Ep 39+40

11.Friends!--Princess Kai-lan=Se1,39+40

12.The Monkey King--Journey To Monkey King Castle=Se1,41+42

13.Happy Birthday To You--sang in most birthday episodes=Se1Ep46,

14.Fireworks!--Firework Day=Se1Ep49

15.Happy Holidays!--sang in most Christmas episodes=Se1Ep50,

16.We Are In Fairytale Village!--Fairy Tales=Se1Ep59+60

17.You Have A Bad Day--sang in most bad day episodes=Se1Ep62

18.I Need To Rock!--Kai-lan Idol=Se1Ep79+80


1.The Gift of Joy

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