Moo Moo walks in his sleep, casting magic spells all over Wuzzleburg. Wubbzy, Widget, and Daizy are tickled by Widget's Tickle-tickle 3000's feathers in this episode. That reveals Daizy is ticklish. When the tickling is done Daizy (who sat down),Wubbzy (who put a hand on his head),and Widget(who wiped a tear away) all had smiles on their faces as if they enjoyed it.Wubbzy and Daizy caught their breath from all the tickling they dealt with. Widget wiped a tear away with her eyes closed then opened them when she wiped it away. When Widget noticed the feathers get to her she said "Huh?" and when the tickling began she dropped the button(which she pressed many times to cause the tickling of the 4 feathers to begin)and laughed while she was tickled on both of her sides and squirmed.While the three laughed Widget just squirmed and laughed at the same time and as she squirmed it only made the tickling worse.Wubbzy and Daizy laughed and squirmed as well.After the scene changes to Wubbzy (who was on the right) and Daizy (who was on the left)the two looked at the feathers that were coming near them while Widget laughed and when they got tickled by those feathers they laughed just as much and the three laughed until Walden came and after a minute pressed the button causing the feathers to be put up while they laughed. After that was done Walden asked "What's so funny?". Daizy sings her wakeup song with the end verses "Shake a leg. Don’t be slow" and the beginning verse "Wake up! Move it! Time to go.", but it doesn't work. So Wubbzy uses the simple use of Moo Moo's magic wand to get him back to his bed.

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