The Ni Hao Kai-lan Pilot is an unaired episode of Ni Hao Kai-lan. It's not narrated nor voice acting. It's produced with clay animation and flash animation.

Airdate:November 5,1999


Rintoo found a mysterious item, and he doesn't know what's under the blanket. He uncovered the blanket and there is a gift underneeth it. When Rintoo opended the gift, there is a new bike inside, and Rintoo was so happy. A little while later, he fell off his bike as he accidenty hit a twig and hurt his elbow, then he starts crying. Kai-Lan and Ye ye told Rintoo what wrong, and Rintoo said said "I fell down my bike and hurt my elbow". After a few minutes, Ye ye took him to see the doctor to check his elbow. Doctor Hoho checked Rintoo's elbow to see if it's heeling. The doctor risned his elbow with water, put cream on it, and puts a bangage on it. A few weeks later, Rintoo was so happy that he can ride his bike again.

Characterer Differences

This pilot has several differences to the characters between the pilot and the regular show.

Kai-lan's hair is still the same and still has the flowers on her hair. She wears a red dress with a yellow circle in the middle. Her shoes are orange.

Tolee isn't gray, he's light brown. He wears a blue jester hat with green pom poms. He wears a yellow sweatshirt with a red circle in the middle. He wears red trousers and light blue roller skates with yellow wheels.

Rintoo is similar except that his nose is light brown and wears a red baseball cap. The tip of his tail is black.

Hoho has changed completely. He's a blue monkey, with brown face, ears, and stomach. He has a tuft of hair on the tip on his head.

Lulu is a purple rhino and wears a green dress with a pattern of red poka dots. She still has a red ballon arounded her horn. She even has red and wavy bob hair.

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