Rintoo is so excited about the go-cart race! Kai-lan tells Rintoo it's time for the race. Rintoo jumps in his go-cart. Everyone else got in their go-carts. Ye Ye started the race. Tolee was in first place, Rintoo was in second, the unnamed bat was in third, and Kai-lan was in fourth. Rintoo zoomed past Tolee. Now Rintoo took the lead. A piece of paper landed in Rintoo's face. He can't see! Then Rintoo crashed in a bush. Rintoo says that he can't win Kai-lan tells Rintoo to get back in the race. Rintoo jumps back into his go-cart. Tolee's go-cart broke down. As Tolee was fixing it Rintoo zoomed past him. The race was over. Rintoo won.

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