Once upon a time, Rintoo, Kai lan, Tolee, and Hoho were playing in Tolee's treehouse, when suddenly Rintoo needed to go to the bathroom. Kai lan asked him if he needed to go, but he said "Nah, brave tiger's NEVER need to use the bathroom!" Kai lan askes him if he is sure. He says yes. Then, he goes to play with some cars with panda's on them all by himself. Then, Rintoo stands up. Everybody hears somebody pooping and peeing. Then, the gang walks in to see what happened. After that, Tolee looks at Rintoo, and freaks out. "MY PANDA CARS! YOU PISSED AND SHITTED ON THEM, YOU ASSHOLE!" Tolee screams. "Rintoo, you should have told the truth. Then you would'nt have pissed and shitted on them." Said Kai lan. "Yeah. There is a crapper here, you know." Said Hoho. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to be cool. BECAUSE I WANTED TO FUCK LADY GAGA UP AND REPLACE HER WITH ME!" Said Rintoo. "Now evil teddy bears will fuck you up, Rintoo." Kai lan also said. Rintoo didn't belive what his friends had said so he bought a 'Fuck me up teddy bear.' That night, Rintoo was very embarrased because he had an accident on Tolee's toy panda cars. He thought he would never get to sleep but eventually, he did. Then, a portal opened to an evil teddy bear world in Rintoo's room. His bed was carried into the portal by his teddy bear. then, at 11:40, he woke up in evil teddy bear land. "AAAAAH!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PLACE!?!?" Rintoo screamed. Then, his teddy bear told him it was evil teddy bear land. Suddenly, all the evil teddy bears lined up facing each other, saying, "Tbear spirit, Tbear spirit." Over and over again. (T bear stands for teddy bear.) Then, the teddy bear spirit came. "Rintoo you have been very bad. You have pissed and shitted on Tolee's cars. For your punishment, my warriors will kill you. Warriors!" Said the teddy bear spirit. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to fuck Lady gaga-" Said Rintoo. And then, the teddy bear spirits warriors killed Rintoo with their ak47's knife's swords, and all their weapons. Rintoo was never heard from AGAIN. The end.

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