Season 1 (2003–04)

  • This season contains 26 episodes.
  • This season begun production on September 17, 2002.
  • The first season premiered in late May 2003 on Nick Jr. and was also later re-shown on Noggin in mid July 2003 and Starz Kids in August 2006.
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Episode title Original air date Prod.


1a 1a "A Tale of Tails" May 26, 2003 101a
Everyone refuses to play Kickety-Kickball with Wubbzy because of his long and bendy tail, but soon, after learning from his friends, he realizes his tail is kooky and cool!
1b 1b "Special Delivery" May 26, 2003 101b
Wubbzy watches a package that belongs to Walden, who isn't home, and is really tempted to see what is inside it. Unfortunately, he opens it, finds out it is a train set, and soon, breaks it!
2a 2a "Widget's Wild Ride" May 27, 2003 104a
It's the big Wuzzleburg Derby, and Wubbzy's car is run-down. So, Widget fixes it up with the right tools and makes it extravagant!
2b 2b "Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle" May 27, 2003 104b
Wubbzy adopts a fleegle and he feeds her candy instead of the right kinds of food, and it is a big problem – a literally big problem. The Fleegle grows to a massive size and causes destruction to Wuzzleburg!
3a 3a "Wubbzy in the Woods" May 28, 2003 102a
Wubbzy gets lost on the way to the frog pond, feeling he doesn't need a map.
3b 3b "A Little Help from Your Friends" May 28, 2003 102b
Wubbzy is tired of everyone always helping him, so he tries baking Doodleberry Cake by himself. Unfortunately, he adds too much baking powder and soon a huge cake wave forms!
4a 4a "Goo Goo Grief" June 13, 2003 103a
Walden finds a strange elephant-like creature on his lawn, who likes his Hoopty-Horn.
4b 4b "Perfecto Party" June 13, 2003 103b
Walden wants to make a marshmallow lasagna for Wubbzy’s birthday, but marshmallows aren't in season.
5a 5a "A Clean Sweep" July 21, 2003 105a
It’s cleanup day but Wubbzy doesn't think it's fun, so he procrastinates. Soon, his friends show them that cleaning up can be fun.
5b 5b "Mr. Cool" July 21, 2003 105b
Walden wants to be cool in order to go to the Wuzzleburg boogie bash but he thinks he isn't.
6a 6a "Wuzzleburg Express" August 11, 2003 107a
The gang is going on a picnic at Mount Zubba Bubba. Unfortunately, when the train goes berserk on the way to the mountain, Widget tries to make the Wuzzleburg Express work again.
6b 6b "Gidget the Super Robot" August 11, 2003 107b
Widget is jealous when she thinks Wubbzy and Walden are spending more time with Gidget, her lookalike robot, than her.
7a 7a "Widget Gets the Blooey Blues" September 5, 2003 106a
Widget’s new invention fails and she gets a bad case of depression.
7b 7b "The Wubb Club" September 5, 2003 106b
Wubbzy creates a club and soon, Widget and Walden create a huge clubhouse for it. Problems arise when the beavers chew on its poles and make it a dangerous place!
8a 8a "Eggs Over Easy" September 15, 2003 108a
It’s Easter in Wuzzleburg so Widget offers to help Wubbzy decorate the Easter Eggs with her new machine. Problems arise when the machine breaks!
8b 8b "The Flight of the Flutterfly" September 15, 2003 108b
Wubbzy wants to keep a yellow Flutterfly with pink spots named Norm, so Widget builds a house for it.
9a 9a "Watch the Birdie" September 16, 2003 114a
Wubbzy finds out that Birdy Bird has stolen some of his belongings for her nest.
9b 9b "Wubbzy Tells a Whopper" September 16, 2003 114b
Wubbzy lies about a Growly Gus taking Widget’s Whammer-Hammer, but in reality, he accidentally broke it.
10a 10a "Warp Speed Wubbzy!" September 17, 2003 109a
Wubbzy and Widget dress up as spacemen after Walden sees a light that looks like a spaceship.
10b 10b "Wubbzy the Star" September 17, 2003 109b
Wubbzy wants to be the star in Walden’s play. but no one can hear him because he doesn't speak loudly enough. Widget tries making an invention, but when it malfunctions, what will Wubbzy do in the play?
11a 11a "Who Needs School?" September 18, 2003 111a
Wubbzy is afraid to go to school after being convinced by Buggy, Huggy, and Earl that it is scary.
11b 11b "Magic Tricks" September 18, 2003 111b
Wubbzy and his friends learn magic tricks from Moo-Moo, but Wubbzy is having a hard time doing tricks and he gets frustrated and feels like giving up, but he has to keep trying.
12a 12a "Monster Madness" September 19, 2003 110a
Wubbzy stays up late watching scary movies and believes he sees the monsters from the movies in real life.
12b 12b "The Last Leaf" September 19, 2003 110b
Walden waits for the last leaf from the Figgity-Fig tree to fall. When Wubbzy and Widget come back they find Walden fast asleep. When the leaf falls Wubbzy and Widget try to catch it before Walden wakes up.
13a 13a "Wubbzy Bounces Back" September 27, 2003 113a
It's the first day of spring but Wubbzy's kickety-kick ball has been deflated.
13b 13b "Dash for Dolly" September 27, 2003 113b
Wubbzy wants to buy a Hammerin' Holly Dolly for Widget's birthday, but it is a rare find.
14a 14a "The Snow Shoo-Shoo" September 28, 2003 115a
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden search for the Snow Shoo-Shoo when they don't see it in its usual location on top of Mount Zubba Bubba.
14b 14b "Pirate Treasure" September 28, 2003 115b
The gang finds a treasure map in a library book. After finding no treasure, they soon realize they found the best treasure, an adventure.
15a 15a "Escape from Dino Island" October 6, 2003 116a
Wubbzy wants to see the dinosaurs on Dino Island, but a Sillysaurus scares him.
15b 15b "Gotta Dance" October 6, 2003 116b
Widget wants to be a ballerina but she isn't that good. So, she cheats and creates a machine to help her dance.
16a 16a "The Grass is Always Plaider" October 13, 2003 112a
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden visit Plaidville after Wuzzleburg starts boring them, but when they go to Plaidville it starts boring them and they learn Wuzzleburg isn't a bad place after all!
16b 16b "Everything’s Coming Up Wubbzy" October 13, 2003 112b
Wubbzy wishes everyone was more like him so Widget creates a hypnotizing hat that causes town members to act just like Wubbzy!
17a 17a "Wubbzy’s Magical Mess-Up" October 20, 2003 119a
Wubbzy takes care of Moo-Moo's magic shop but causes trouble when he gets the magic words wrong constantly!
17b 17b "Tea for Three" October 20, 2003 119b
Wubbzy wants to throw a tea party with his friends but Walden insists it must be like his book says.
18a 18a "Come Spy with Me" October 27, 2003 120a
After Walden acts suspicious, Wubbzy and Widget spy on him.
18b 18b "Puddle Muddle" October 27, 2003 120b
It’s picture day, but Wubbzy just can’t keep getting mud on him! So, the three friends brainstorm creative solutions to Wubbzy's problem.
19a 19a "Mr. Valentine" November 3, 2003 121a
Wubbzy delivers Valentines Day cards when the mailman is sick.
19b 19b "Wubbzy in the Middle" November 3, 2003 121b
Widget and Walden stopped being friends after an accident with Walden's books and the machine Widget created to organize them, and Wubbzy tries to get them back together.
20a 20a "Mt. Fizzy Pop" November 10, 2003 123a
Mt. Fizzy Pop on Dino Island is about to erupt sour milky-milk on the town of Wuzzleburg, so Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden try to stop it.
20b 20b "Zoo Hullabaloo" November 10, 2003 123b
Wubbzy watches some of the zoo animals while Widget fixes their cages, but the animals cause havoc in his house.
21a 21a "The Super Fixers" November 17, 2003 125a
Widget becomes obsessed with her favorite television show when she builds a television set, the Video-Tron 3000, that has thirty screens, so Wubbzy and Walden try to get her away from it by acting like the characters.
21b 21b "Fly Us to the Moon" November 17, 2003 125b
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden wake up the Man on the Moon when he oversleeps and doesn't drive the moon across the sky.
22a 22a ""O" Figgety-Fig Tree (Christmas Special)" November 24, 2003 122a
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden decorate the Christmas figgety-fig tree.
22b 22b "Snow Day (Winter Special)" November 24, 2003 122b
Wubbzy and Widget try to fix Walden’s polar bear sculpture when Wubbzy crashes his sled into it.
23a 23a "The Tired Tail" December 1, 2003 126a
Wubbzy’s tail loses its bounce and has to rest it if he wants his tail to get better. Unfortunately he just can't stay off his tail!
23b 23b "Wubbzy’s Big Idea" December 1, 2003 126b
Wubbzy is tired of being small, and wants to be big. So, Widget builds an invention but things go wrong when Wubbzy gets too big.
24a 24a "Where’s My Wiggle-Wrench?" December 15, 2003 117a
Widget loses not only her lucky Wiggle-Wrench, but her confidence as well. Unfortunately, it's right before the big building contest.
24b 24b "You Gotta Have Art" December 15, 2003 117b
Wubbzy takes up painting, but can't find a good subject until he realizes his friends would be perfect for his first masterpiece.
25a 25a "Follow the Leader" December 29, 2003 124a
Baby Chirpees mistake Wubbzy for their mother because he's yellow and carries bumble-flower seeds, which the Chirpees eat.
25b 25b "The Wubbzy Shuffle" December 29, 2003 124b
Wubbzy is tired of losing at games, so he cheats and uses Widget's special inventions to win.
26a 26a "Broken Record" January 2, 2004 118a
Wubbzy wants to break a record and get a trophy but he keeps getting interrupted by people who need his help, and the people told Walden he really helped everyone and he gets the trophy for being the most helpful person in Wuzzleburg!
26b 26b "Walden on the Beach" January 2, 2004 118b
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden go to the beach, but Walden won’t go in the water with his friends because of his fear of sinking as he really can't swim.

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