Season 6 (2013–) On June 20,2012 wow wubbzy was renewed for a sixth season 1.A Game Of Superheroes And Villains! aired June 30,2013 2.A Little Something Between Friends aired July 12,2013 3.A Little Something Between Homes aired July 26,2013 4.A Present For Alfred aired August 2,2013 5.78 of all knowladge aired January 25,2014 6.A Trip To The Hospital aired September 1,2013 7. Assanation Of Kai Lan Chow-Wu Decemeber 31,2013 8.Austin at the Internet aired October 7,2013 9.Daizy and the Creepy Forest aired September 6,2013 10.Daizy Throws A Tantrum aired January 14,2014 11.Daizy's Biggiest Sobbing aired August 16,2013 12.Daizy's Caveman aired Novemeber 11,2013 13.Daizy's First Day at Kindergarten aired November 25,2013 14.Daizy's Funny Card aired January 1, 2014 15.Daizy's Terrible Day aired February 17,2014 16.Fat Hat Parade aired February 24,2014 17.Foofa Crying When She Lost The Race aired March 1,2014 18.Getting The Perfect Present aired March 31,2014 19.Getting the Watering Can 3000 aired April 15, 2014 20.A Trip to the Movies aired April 18,2014 21.Kai Lan Goes to Jail aired May 2,2014 22.No More Animal Slippers aired May 3,2014 23.No More Captain Wonderpants aired May 9,2014 24.Shipwreck Saturday aired May 17,2014 25.Tea For Three aired May 24,2014 26.The Magic Carpet aired June 21,2014 27.Super Grounded aired June 28,2014 28.The Nasty Blud aired July 12,2014 29.The Promise aired July 26,2014 30.Walden Goes To Jail aired September 5,2014 31.Walden On The News aired September 13,2014 32.Walden's New Book aired September 20,2014 33.Zoo Wee Mama aired October 30,2014 34.When My Friends Get Mad aired December 26,2014 35.Who's That Fucking Bitch? aired January 30,2015 36.Whistling In The Wind aired February 20,2015 37.Winnie the Daizy and the Lollipops Tree aired March 28,2015 38.Wubbzy begins to cry aired June 1,2015 39.Winnie the Fuck and the Toast Tree aired September 7,2015 40.Wubbzy's Balloon aired Decemeber 7,2015 41.Wubbzy's Broken Foot aired January 8,2016 42.Wubbzy's Ice Cream Cone aired January 15,2016 43.Wubbzy's Lost Helment aired January 22,2016 44.Wubbzy's Terrible Day aired February 5,2016 Upcoming Episodes 45.The Origin Of Kanevo Goapi Assids March 2016 46.Fired From Nick Jr March 2016 47.Wow Wow Wubbzy Bloopers March 2016 48.Wow Wow Wubbzy Ni Hao Ki Lan Crossover March 2016

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