Ye Ye has made an art show for everyone. Tolee, Kai-Lan, Rintoo, Hoho, and Lulu are painting pictures. Hoho was excited about the art show. He painted his own picture. The result? A rock. Hoho was worried about the painting. As Ye Ye was checking everybody's paintings, Hoho hid his rock painting. Ye Ye asked where Hoho's painting was. Hoho tells Ye Ye that it wasn't ready. Hoho painted a face on the rock, but he doesn't thinks it wouldn't fool anybody. The next morning it was the day of the art show. Hoho was still feeling bashful. Everybody looks at Hoho's painting. Hoho was relieved when everybody wasn't laughing, but applausing. Ye Ye put a blue ribbon on Hoho's painting. Later, it was hung up at the museum.

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