Name Walden
purple bear
First Appearance

Occupation; Teacher in "Who needs school?"
The first wubbzy movie!

Walden is one of the main characters from the animated television show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!


Walden is a quirky intellectual who finds great wisdom in everything from ancient philosophy to tarot card readings.  He may have an Australian or British accent. And the only way he knows all about this,is he has a big library,in his house,also he has a lab,where he test out his exriments,and potions,he also has lots of dinsouar  bones, where he must have dig up somewhere,and he also has a lot of instoments. He also teaches other people lots of things in the world. He has a passionate curiosity about everything and a unique way of looking at the world. Every time he faces a challenge, he tells himself to "poop, poop, poop!" Usally when he says no he says it like IETFADSGFDSHGF!:@fsd And whenever he says yes he says it like this sadfgjsdfasdjgf. Those are his catchfraize's along with saying great rings of saturn. He is about around 16 years old.It seem's that Walden is actuallythe brain's of the group alway's thinking of great idea's in order to something write,or to solve a big problem.It is never revealed in the series but he does have a sister name Huggy but it's unknown why they live in diffent house's,alsoit's unknown who his or her's  parent's are.


Walden is purple bear  with black glasses. The glasses have blue lenses. He has a red shirt with white polka dots. He has a turquoise tie. He also has ears.His head is round, he also has a black nose, and in the lense of his glasses he has Black pupils.


Walden has appeared in most episodes of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! He made his first appearance in A Tale of Tails. His last appearance was in Woozy Walden. There was this one episode he didth appreare in The new girl, and the new kid on the block. He has appeared throughtout the series. then theres Walden Goes To Jail and Walden On The News. But he's Not Speaking is going at: "Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle game" Plus he's at: "Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle"


Walden is a good friend, but sometimes his secret fears make him want to drop out of adventures. For example in one episode he didth tell his friend's that he can't swim,in the end of the episode he now knows how to swim,and in the episode,Come spy with me,he didth tell his friends that, he was going to plan a pinic for them,and so they could watch the stars flying,so he can surprise them.Walden is a science type and is mostly willing to help out. Like chermistry he knows everyone one of them. He also has a lot of books in his library, and whenever he reads he knows alot more, and thats how he is able to alot of problems along with his friend's.  He love's all sort's of vast knowlege, and he is the smartest of the group. He is more careful than others, but is overall a nice and noble bear.And a loyal friend that you can alway's count on knowmatter what. According to the title song, "he knows about science and books and art." However, most episodes show him helping by reading his books and using science; his art skills aren't shown much.But in one episode called You gotta have art where he is seen painting a rock. Part of his extensive knowledge includes the ability to communicate with various animals. In the episode O Figgety-Fig Tree, Walden talks with a glowfly to gather it's glowfly friends to act as lights on the tree. And he can also talk to dinsouar's in the episode mt fizzy pop. Walden has a habit of repeating words three times. Other than occasionally using Wubbzy's "wow wow wow", he often says "yes yes yes" when affirming something, "no no no" when disagreeing or warning, and "my my my" when exclaiming amazement.He also has a catchfraize like all sort's of catchfarze's like great ring's of saturn!  or great wall of china!Walden has all sort's of catchfraize's just like his best friend's.

GAMES: Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle game.!?



Walden always treats Wubbzy like a little brother,and teaches Wubbzy the intelligent ways of life,and they always try to help each other out,in fact there are times where he helps Wubbzy out when he dosen't need it,and sometimes it annoys Wubbzy,and Wubbzy someimes goes to Walden for edvise,or Walden will just come to him.


Walden has crush on Widget,and Widget has a crush on Walden,infact in this one episode Goo goo grief he called Widget a genuis,and she blushed,there are a few occasions where they do get into fights,but they always make up in the end.

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Even through Walden is stupid,there are times where he can be right.

He drives 2 vechicles.

Sometimes his friend's can't understand him,because he is so stupid.

He,and Widget have gotten into a fight lots of times, but they always make up (As Walden may have a slight crush on Widget, and vice versa)


Walden-thumbPrince Wubbzy, King Walden, Queen Widget and Princess DaizyKing WaldenKing Walden and Queen WidgetWalden and the hoopty hornWalden fish tank hatWalden flower parade costumeWalden leaf backpackWalden soup covered


Wubbzy Season 2 promo00:33

Wubbzy Season 2 promo

Walden with his 3 Friends in Bye Bye Birdies

The Gift of Joy01:35

The Gift of Joy

Walden sleeps with his 3 friends singing

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