Name Abigail "Widget" Cottontool
Age 15-16
Gender Female
Species Rabbit
Occupation Builder, inventor
Interests Building contraptions, fixing inventions
Friends Wubbzy, Walden, Daizy, Earl, Huggy, Buggy
Family Unknown
First Appearance A Tale of Tails
Last Appearance Woozy Walden

Abigail "Widget" Cottontool is a main character from the animated television show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Widget is a mechanical whiz who owns her own Fix-it shop and is always ready to jump in and lend a hand. Her solution to any problem is to build something large and complicated (which sometimes doesn't work as intended). Widget can bulid anything, which is why throught the series, her friends always come to her for help. Her favorite tool is her signature wiggle-wrench, a tool designed to adjust large pentagonal bolts. When she sees a problem she can solve, she says "No problemo!", as it is her catchphrase. She can either introduces her friends to a machine she designed for just such a situation, or sets to work building a new invention. However, her machines sometimes malfunction, (most of the time catastrophically), and whenever that happens, she says, "That's not supposed to happen." She wears pink overalls with a pink heart and a white undershirt. While she does take glances at the camera, she doesn't talk to the audience. She is appears to be 15 to 16 years old. Also, her birthday has been featured in one episode, but her friend Wubbzy has had two birthdays in the series. It is also been revealed that Widget has a cousin named Rachet but she dosen't talk about him much or her other family members. Widget is  Wubbzy's older foster sister, altough it is never mentioned or revealed. Also it's possible that Widget might be 16 because she had her birthday in the episode "Dash For Dolly". Widget likes building anything usually to help others, or she just likes to build. But Widget dislikes not building anything. Plus, any time whenever there is a building contest she uses her lucky wiggle wrench. It seems that Widget usally builds inventions that are usally helpful,like building the Wubbmobile; so that Wubbzy can win the Roadracer rally. Althrough they can malfunction sometimes, like Widget's Robo cluck 3000 that  went berserk; because Wubbzy accedently set it off. And whenever that happens she usally says thats not suppose to happen, or thats wasen't suppose to happen. And she has many tools so many that,and infact she has so many tools that some are a little bit wacky,and some might be ah little unordinary,and some are a spoof of a real life tool: a wiggle wrench,and a wammer hammer.


Despite being somewhat of a girly girl, Widget has appeared to be a go-do-it-now type of person . She will do anything to help a friend and is very considerate. But sometimes, she goes a little overboard, but she really means well. She doesn't give up and makes sure everything is fine. Her catchphrase is "No problemo!". When things don't go right, she normally says "Oops, that's not supposed to happen." or "Pickles and prune juice!". She speaks with a southern accent, and she is a mechanic whiz who loves to invent and build things. She can make a machine to solve any problem or do virtually any task. She has a lot in common with Tweak from the Octonauts. Many of her creations take the form of robots, and most of them have the number 3000 attached to the end of their names. Some of her inventions do not actually have any practical purpose, such as the Robo-Cluck 3000, a giant robotic chicken that lays one hundred eggs in a minute. Widget always trys to do things right, as she can be caring, kind and helpful. She has a vey good friendship with Wubbzy and treats him like a little brother. She also cares about Walden to the possibility that she might have a crush on him, but it is uncertain. She is a gernerous and nice girl to everyone she encounters. Wubbzy can almost be seen as having a bond with Widget, somewhat of a brother-sister relationship. Her inventions really come in handy,for example the time that Wubbzy pet fleegle Tiny went runnin around eating all the sweats it can find,and she was able to shrink it back to it's original size by giving it carrot juice. Even through she is helpful she does tend to make a few mistakes in her life,like adding to many adjustments to Wubbzy's go-cart.



Wubbzy, and Widget have a good brother,and sister relationship,and they never ever fight. They always help each other out, like Wubbzy testing out Widget's inventon's, or Widget helping Wubbzy by giving him her invention's just to help him.They have such a good relationship with each other that its ah special kind of bond that can never be broken. And the way Widget tries to help out Wubbzy is building a machine to fix Wubbzy tail but failed.


Widget, and walden have a love intrest for each other, for example in the episode Goo goo grief when Widget build'th a great invention and when Walden said Widget your a genuis she blushed.There was this one time Walden got hit with one of cupid's bubbles that made him fall in love with Widget, but the effect wore off. They have fought to times, in the episode Wubbzy in the middle, and in the episode Ty Ty the tool guy when they were trying to build a house, but were aruging they made up in the end. Sometimes she goes to Walden to talk to.


It seems that Widget,and Daizy are very close with each,and always help each other out,and Daizy gave Widget a special flower,that she was very thankful of,and Widget even gave Daizy her old doll house,so they are pretty much best friends.


Widget is a pink rabbit with hot pink overalls and a light pink box containing a heart. She has black eyes with eyelashes and a white undershirt, with pink laces on the sleeves. She is usually wearing her light grey gloves which match the color of the buttons on her overalls.
Gotta Dance

Widget as a ballerina, as seen in the title episode "Gotta Dance"


Widget has appeared in most episodes of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. Her first appearance was in A Tale of Tails. Her last appearance was in Woozy Walden.There was this one episode Widget didth called the Whos the new girl,she slso didth appeared in the new kid.She has appeared throught the series.


  • Widget use to be the only main female character on the show.
  • Even through she say's that's not suppose to happen. A character from icarly named Spencer Shay. when of his machine's malfuntion he said that's not suppose to happen.
  • Widget has her very own doll.The hammering Holly dolly from the episode Dash for dolly
  • She has build a robot that has the exact same image as Widget, and her name is Gidget.
  • She has been in a play once in the series.
  • Widget is actually a parody name after Bridget.
  • She hardly ever talks about her parent's, or what ever happen to them.
  • She loves pickleberrys.
  • Her first invention we have seen in the series,is the Robo cluck 3000
  • Her favirte tool,is the wiggle wrench.
  • Her parents have never been seened in the series,or mentioned.
  • She has know hair.