Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Shorts:

Season 1:

Hide and Seek from Widget's Wild Ride

Flutterflies from A Tale of Tails

Feed the Birds from Wubbzy in the Woodz

Walden's Minute of Knowledge from Goo Goo Grief

Go Fly a Kite from A Clean Sweep

The Wubbzy Wiggle from Gotta Dance

No Laughing Contest from The Wuzzleburg Express

Bigfoot from Eggs Over Easy

I Can See Clearly from Warp Speed Wubbzy

Trampoline from Who Needs School?

Boo to You from Monster Madness

Dino Bones from Mt. Fizzy Pop

See Saw from Wubbzy Bounces Back

Instant Cooking from Watch the Birdie

I'm Flying from The Snow Shoo Shoo

Picture Perfect from Escape from Dino Island

The Great Hat from The Grass is Always Plaider

A Tree Grows in Wuzzleburg from Wubbzy's Magical Mess-up

Sand Sculptures from Come Spy With Me

Wubbzy's Personal Stamp from Wubbzy in the Middle

Puddles from The Super Fixers

Snowman from O' Figgity Fig Tree

Twisty Twister from The Tired Tail

Splish Splash from Where's My Wiggle Wrench

Rooms from Follow the Leader

Me and My Shadow from Broken Record

Season 2:

"Note:" The Wubbzy Shorts are all featured in the Wubb Club except Trick or Treat.

Wubb Club Tour from Who's That Girl

The Bubble Contest from Wubbzy and the Fire Engine

Silly Mirror Room from Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone

Strange Sounds from Bye Bye Birdies

Special Box from Tooth or Dare

Daizy's Dolls from Welcome to the Dollhouse

Fossil Fools from Wubbzy the Hero

Hairy Dan from Daizy's Hair Salon

Trick or Treat from March of the Pumpkins

Snow Day from Great and Grumpy holiday

Valentine's Day from Cupid's Little Helper

Flower Fun Time from Daizy's Favorite Place

Magic Beans from Once Upon a Wubbzy

Imagine That from Hangin' With Mr. Gummy

Hoopty Hoops from Hoop Dreamz

Coloring Eggs from Big Bunny Blues

Wacky Hat Day from Save the Wuzzly

House Calls from Too Many Wubbzys

Try Your Luck from Mr. Unlucky

Something's Fishy from Rush Hour

Spider World from Woozy Walden

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