Trying to jump and catch a Flutterfly.
Gender Male
Age 5 (6 in Perfecto Party),
Species Yellow mouse
First Appearance "A Tale of Tails"
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
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Wubbzy is the main character from the series, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. Wubbzy's phrase is "Wow! Wow!". He sings a song at the end of every episode.


Wubbzy is the main character of the titular show. He is a 5 year-old male (turned 6), yellow, square-shaped, gerbil-like creature with a long, bendy tail that he bounces on in a tigger-like fashion. Plus, when he's happy or worried, it wiggles like a worm. He has a childlike fascination with life, and his favorite pastime is playing Kickity-Kick Ball. Wubbzy is very good at playing sports as in the Episode "Hoops and Dreams", he was not only good at playing Kickity-Kick Ball, he is also good at playing hoops and it was also seen in Season 1 in a "clean sweep" that he was also able to shoot some hoops into the basket and in Season 2, he wanted to lay with some taller kids in "Wubbzy's Big Idea", Wubbzy's daily travels throughout Wuzzleburg often result in his response, "Wow, wow, wow!".As the theme song says "he likes to play, play, play", he really does like playing with his friends. In Season 2, Wubbzy's voice sounds deeper than Season 1. Wubbzy's favorite catchphrase is "Wow, wow, wow!"  He says it throughout the series. His friends also say the phrase "Wow, wow, wow!", but is not their catchphrase, as they only say it if they're really amazed. He also tends to loose his Kickity-Kick Ball, but always gets it back someway. Wubbzy loves excitment and adventures. For example when ever something exciting happen he says his catchphrase. But there are some unknown things about Wubbzy, like who his parents are, or whatever happened to them. But someone does take care of him, like Widget. She is almost like Wubbzy's older foster sister.

Wubbzy's personality is kind, nice, and always helping his friends out in need, athough sometimes he can get into trouble and cause some at times, but he can always rely on his friends in order to help him. It is revealed in season 1 that Wubbzy has an uncle named Larry.


  • "Wow! Wow!" (running gag) ("A Tale of Tails" - present) - Wubbzy
  • "I'm WUBB-Z" ("Wubbzy's Big Makeover")- Wubbzy
  • "Yikes!"
  • "That's Not supposed to happen!" ("Wubbzy's Big Move" "What Would Wubbzy Do?" "Wubb Girlz Rule!" - "Wubb Idol") - Widget
  • "Whhhoooaaa!!!" (heard in most episodes)
  • "Let's Face it" ("Magic Tricks")
  • "Yes, yes, yes!" ("What Would Wubbzy Do?") - Widget
  • "Wow, Daizy!" (Season 2)
  • "No problamo!" ("Attack By the 50 Foot Fleegle" - "What Would Wubbzy Do?") - Wubbzy
  • "Choo, choo!" ("Special Delivery" "The Wubb Club" "Watch the Birdie" "Wubb Girlz Rule!" "Lights, Camera, Wubbzy!" - "Wubb Idol")
  • "Pickles and prune juice" - Widget.
  • "Great rings of Saturn" -Walden.


  • In season 1, Wubbzy's mouth looks a lot big than normal sized. In season 2, it looks tiny now, instead of normal, even though it appeared normal in 8 episodes in this season. In season 3, his mouth looks curled up like Daizy's instead of normal and tiny.
  • He cries in "No More Captain Wonderpants".
  • In season 1, Wubbzy's voice sounds a lot higher squeaky pitched. In season 2, his voice sounds deeper than season 1. In season 3, his voice sounds a bit more like his Season 1 voice.
  • In season 1, Wubbzy's treehouse appears in a lot of episodes. In season 2, it appears in only 8 episodes. In season 3, it appears in only 14 episodes.
  • He only plays Kickity-Kick Ball in 3 episodes in season 2.
  • He helped his friends in a lot of episodes in season 2.
  • He only plays Kickity-Kick Ball in 13 episodes in season 3.
  • He helped his friends in 6 episodes in season 3.
  • He broke his Kickity Kick Ball many times, as seen in "Wubbzy Bounces Back", "Call of the Mild", "The Big Bully" and "A Not-So-Friendly-War".
  • His yellow fur starts to get a little brighter in season 2.
  • He doesen't really care what his tail really looks like. Because in the theme song, it said that he has a bendy tail and he likes it that way. But in the first episode, "A Tail of Tales", everyone started making fun of him by the way it looks.
  • He usally likes playing with his toys but offten share.
  • Once he actually cheats in the Wubbzy shuffle.
  • He thinks that cleaning is boring in the episode "A Clean Sweep".Later on in the near end of the episode, he now thinks it's fun.
  • In season 1,  he disliked being kissed by older women, but when he is kissed by Daizy 2 times, he blushes.
  • It may be possible that he has a crush on Daizy.
  • Through the series, wubbzy was 5 years-old. In future episodes, he turned 6, and in other episodes. he became 7.
  • Wubbzy has a pet fleagle named Tiny in the episode "Attack of the 50 foot Fleagle".
  • Wubbzy once wanted to have a pet flutterfly.
  • He love's catching flutterflies.
  • Wubbzy's parents have never been revealed on the show.
  • He has a lot of friends, such as Widget, Walden, Daizy, Earl, Huggy, and Buggy.
  • Wubbzy once played with a red Kickity-Kick Ball.
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    Wubbzy seen with his pet fleagle, Tiny.

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