Widget leaves the room to clean herself up from her latest fix, when Wubbzy decides it would be fun to play Kick-ity Kick Ball inside, even though Widget said not to. After the ball causes a giant mess and breaks her whammer hammer, Wubbzy then ends up breaking the whammer hammer and told a untruthful story about a Growlygus who stole the hammer. After describing the monster, they consult Walden. Wubbzy describes the monster, and the crew starts to search for the non-existant monster. Wuzzleburg went into chaos when the police discovered about the Growlygus, because he told everyone "The Growlygus is coming!!!", which is said throught the episode. When they go on top of Mount Zubabuba to search for Growlygus, Wubbzy plans to fake being the Growlygus to scare Walden and Widget away, so he can sneak back to Widget's Workshop and fix the whammer hammer. Eventually, the jig came up as Wubbzy confessed he was only telling a lie to make sure Widget still was his friend. A few seconds after the hammer was fixed, a real Growlygus stole it (to Wubbzy, it was actually someone who looks like a Growlygus). Widget took this as a lie, but was then scared away along with Wubbzy. However, the wuzzle who was impersonating the Growlygus said he just wanted to borrow a whammer hammer as the episode ends.


Title card for this episode

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